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Faery Goddyss
I'm here for the yaoi. Occasionally, if bored enough (or if it has an awesome plot), I may read something non-yaoi related like Beast Hunt, Hell Kitchen, or Mokemon....which are in the awesome plot category.

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A year?! Hm...felt like a couple weeks. I can't wait for them to start talking to each other.
XD Aren't they just sitting by the front door too? XDD
Dio's lack of emotion these last few pages crack me up for some reason!
Oh no...looks like someone beat him to the punch. :/
Yes. Yes it is.
Oh. I honestly didn't expect the ending here. Well, reading this has been lovely over the years! I'm glad I found it and I hope others will too! This has been a favorite webcomic for a long time so of course I'm sad to see the ending, but stories have to end.

I love all these characters and I had such laughs with them. Terrific story and art! I know you have no plans to make a carbon copy of this (money, I know),so I hope this stays on SJ for awhile so I can read and then reread until my heart's content!
*shields eyes* too shiny...too happy...too BLISSFUL!

But I love it. :)
Also, for some odd reason Colors of the Wind popped in my head because of the dancing leaves. :D
That's not ambitious at all...but why not? :D
5 child at 20?! I hope there were some twins and/or triplets thrown in there.
Faery Goddyss
April 5th, 2013
:') Yay

...does this mean the comic is almost over? D:
Wonder where he thinks he's going all wounded and starved like that.
Uh oh...the drunken kiss. :/
Faery Goddyss
March 27th, 2013
I miss his long locks. *sigh* Oh well.
Faery Goddyss
March 19th, 2013
Why, with ANYTHING! :3
Faery Goddyss
March 13th, 2013
Ahahaha! Telling it like it is, true mom style. :D
Faery Goddyss
March 13th, 2013
...He must have got his looks from his father. :)
Yup, time to rise and shine!
Now why would Kei quickly put his mask back on? Curious.
Faery Goddyss
February 19th, 2013
You free Loch!! <3
Faery Goddyss
February 19th, 2013