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Hey Blitz do you still take requests?If so could you make me some?(Non-Human)
September 6th, 2008
It's a plane! *Le Shot*
Oh sweet an update!I love this comic.Also I was wondering if it's ok to make some sprites of your character(Megaman Pikachu)?
Whoa.He looks way cooler then I thought he would.I love the Megaman Zero series.Just beat ZX Advent 3 days ago.Anyway keep up the good work I love this so far ^_^
Yay Scott's back!Good things DO happen to those who wait.
I never found a good thing for it but I guess now I did.yays =D.
I put you back there for comedic purposes....otherwise you would have totally been in the front XD
Almost forgot about this.This is just a small picture I threw together a while ago and was gonna use it in a comic but never did....Well now I found a use for it.IT'S A MEMORY PIC!There's two(I think)characters in there that belong to me and my friend the rest are all Halo freaks lol.

BTW look at Scott in the background XD.
I was gonna put everyone in there but I lost the sprites :s.So I could only put who I had left and...well you where there XD.
Yeah had to get one last funny in there XD.It's a shame I saved it in JPEG tho.Oops.But I will still come by and read the comics (whenever they get updated) and still leave comments.I just won't work on them anymore.So to all the people that want an author spot...NOWS THE TIME!And thanks I did have fun even tho I was only here for a short time.Keep the funneh going without me!
Ok well here's my resignation*.(For those who don't know what a resignation're dumb...)But yeah I'm quiting for a few reasons.Mainly school.The others are either social or personal.but I have made a promise I can't keep and I'm sorry...Well not really....But anyway I just wanna thank Reks for letting me join and all the other authors for letting me use their sprites.So after this I'm done.Thanks and see ya later...Maybe...Not likely...And oh if you want you can still use my sprites I don't care.I most likely won't use them again.

*Not a joke.

Also the note said "I quit LAWL, <3 1337"

Which translates into "I quit laughing a whole lot, Love Leet"
February 29th, 2008
Hey it's me 1337sniper!I know I've been gone for...quite some time...but I have good reasons!

1.I lost my internet and just got it back 2 days ago.

2.We just finished moving.

So now that that's done with...after this filler comic I promise this time to ACTUALLY update at LEAST once a week.
Got it up a little bit earlier then I had previously predicted.But anyways I'm finally making my aperince to the rest of the cast(during then fighting.)

Also...Why haven't I been added to the cast page yet?No rush just pondering...
Ugh sorry for the non-updating all.Been busy these last few days with a school project.Had to write a 20 page story front and back to be turned in by the end of this week.Nearly finished.I promise I'll have something up this Friday.

There's the background's that you wanted.

I'll put up my comic later.It's finished but I"m just too lazy right now...need sleep..
What backgrounds are you looking for Corp?And nice."!@%# you God!" *Zap* nice.completely random but hilairious.
Well I fixed my computer's problem.So I'll be ready to update soon.I'll start working on one later not now...too much stuff to do.Should have an update either later today or tommarow at the latest.And I know how school can be.And chores.
I have ideas....I'm just not updating yet....>_>...I'll update soon enough...just need to fix some stuff on my computer.About 1 day or so before I update again.(I think everyone else except me and you died o_o.)
Alright I'll take your word for it.
Is anyone else gonna update?