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I am a girl, who is a eevee/ buneary/ jigglypuff breeder and a coordinator and a trainer and a (self proclaimed) master poffin maker. My dream is to become the champion of Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola!
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@Ikaterru: I'll give you a new link just in case, cause, I think 2016 or 2017 was the year I changed the forms.
@eeveeplaysfortnite: The series? No. This page? Yes.
@Ikaterru: Not a problem! I can change his owner! You can update him if you want, lol. Do you need a new application? <s> I kinda sketched him in my ssec word doc and now every time I open it to type in it, I see him, lolll </s>
@MoonTheTooLazyToLoginUmbreon46: OH! Can you please give me the new locations of your Background eevee apps? The ones you gave me do not work anymore!
@DeltaRun: You can update his sheet if you like, lol. Tho, from what I remember of his application, he seems fine.
Oh! The Main cast of the series is in the 3rd grade, lol
Most SSEC main characters are in High school, except Dawn and Daisy, who are in the 8th and 5th grades respectively.
@Creamy Eevee: Vay was like, a SOLID 9 at one point, but, Nego, Doki, and a lot of other things helped him.
Eevee Academy is having a reboot!
When? Idk. I have been slowly working on it in the background for the past few months.
If you have a background eevee in ssec, and want them to be in Eevee Academy, tell me the name of your background eevee in the comments, their background eevee number (on the list), and, a Paragraph (5 sentences or more) about your character in the world, or a paragraph on who your favorite character in the series is so far! Your eevee have to be currently on the master eevee list! Submissions are currently closed! Please add a middle/ last name, and at least 3 grade Numbers. Eevee Academy is a K-12 Private school. And, most Eevees who sign up will go here, others on the list who did not sign up, and a few will go to Eevee Elementary, Moss rock Middle school, or Eon high.
I will close these submissions once I have enough
Thank you for your patience!
(Random Examples)
Name: Fred Lucas Tuber
Eevee Number: 14
Grades: any
Paragraph: Fred is that type of Enigma you only see once in a Blue moon. He has a super squeaky voice, is super hyper, and is pretty crazy. He absolutely hates Kevin for no reason at all, and frequently talks about an eevee named Judy, who seems to be a figment of his overactive imagination. He lives in a house with his morbidly obese mom who hates his guts. His dad is a wrestling super star that everyone knows, but, no one believes Fred when he tells them this because Fred is crazy and the super star denies that he has any kids.

Name: August Maki Badge
Eevee Number: 3
Grades: 4th grade, 3rd grade or 2nd grade
Paragraph: August is a weird eevee who likes to pretend that she is a great detective! She also bites her nails and eats glue sometimes with her bff, Walter. She always carries around a plastic toy camera, to take pictures of things. Ever since she solved the mystery of the missing Candy box, then solved the mystery of the un stuffed teddy, the eevees in the lower grades go to her to solve mysteries and other problems. She ofc, made a business out of this. She has a brother 2 years younger than her, and a just hatched baby brother. Her parents are flareons.

Name: Don Markus Banks
Eevee Number: 9
Grades: Any grade in High school
Paragraph: My favorite character in the series so far is Max. He is just so funny, and, I like his Naruto Bandana! I ship him and Sam SO HARD, Like, you have no idea. They are just. Perfect for each other. Even tho they are kids, you can like, totally see the romantic chemistry uwu.
Master Eevee List Link FdSk
@Guest: lol, k
@NEONtheUMBREON23: Off putting, but common in the pokemon game world (at least in captivity).
@Creamy Eevee: 4
@Painted Fix: When using abilities, eye color changes~
@Aggronymous: yes! They can be drawn on paper! ^^
@Guest: All of my fanfics are on indefinite Hiatus.
And, thanks! ^^
Oh, and, askblog is updating again
@IMadeVix: Not said in comic yet
@o0okeven: UwU I think that all the information needed is conveyed in those few panels, no need for a long drawn out chase scene.
<s> The author is just saying this because she is lazy</s>