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I am a girl, who is a eevee/ buneary/ jigglypuff breeder and a coordinator and a trainer and a (self proclaimed) master poffin maker. My dream is to become the champion of Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola!
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@Guest: I like to think that it is both still. Some pages are one thing, others are another~
@Salmons: *needed that song, tbh*
@Riley the Eevee: It is so scary cause that is what Dusk is dreaming, scary nightmares. =w=
@Waffles just waffles: No. Just Nightmares
I want this chapter to end already
I need comedy, I need to upload to DA again, I like, NEEEDDDD the next chapter.
I would upload a lot of comics in a row, but,
I am like, super busy.
Sorry for updating late, I was busy allll week with Midterms ^^;

Also.... Video!
@Creek the Vaporeon: UMMMMMM *thonks* I don't think he is going to Evolve, but, if he does, then like, Espeon
@MythicalMew: >.>
@Silvertheumbreon: It only comes out when umbreons are agitated.
@UnknownFlareon: It is high on the list~ heh heh heh
@Amy Roses Umbreon & Lucario: Eve will appear again soon.... like, before the end of the year.
@Guest: That will be revealed next week
@UnknownFlareon: Well, that'll be away from everyone ^^;
@Shadow_Strikr: Thaaattt is an act ^^;
@Dusk's Fan Girl: Dawn is resistant to the poison, luckily.
@Sportfury : oops, I forgot to put the link, lol
@Irimuka: In the comic? Yes. Sometimes you'll see Dusk's bed have purple stains on it.
@EveesAreAwesome: Yeah~ They are actually brushes, so, they are technically hand drawn~
I forgot to upload here.....
<s> I was doing homework all day, cut me some slack </s>
This comic was on the Discord server like, 23 hours ago though ^^; Ummmm

From Pokedex-
Umbreon: When agitated, this Pokémon protects itself by spraying poisonous sweat from its pores.
Umbreon: When this Pokémon becomes angry, it's pores secrete a poisonous sweat, which it sprays at its opponent's eyes.
Rip Dusk