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I am a girl, who is a eevee/ buneary/ jigglypuff breeder and a coordinator and a trainer and a (self proclaimed) master poffin maker. My dream is to become the champion of Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Hoenn!
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@Pokémonfan #1: >.>
@Brainlesseevee2: lol, Do I have to explain? Sooo, like, I watched an anime with creepy faces, and was like "lol, this is funny". Miku's knight is an umbreon, but, Miku here doesn't know that. When the series is over, I'm probably going to not make anymore Stupid Short Eevee comics, lol, buut, there are a ton of other comics on Smack Jeeves that you can read!
@I_luv_sylveon: Happy birthday!!! X3
@Spectral Eevee: Lonely, and completely broken and insane.
@?#$%^&?: Vee? Central America? I live in the East coast, lol
@Professor_Sword: lol, he IS her life
@Spectral Eevee: background eevees can always be submitted
@Lazy Person :3: It's on purpose. Miku slowly remembers that her knight had a bell, lol

and, thanks!!
@Hi: a lot, lol
@Boomdoomg : I will, lol
@BestBuilder101: Join the regular SSEC discord first, and then DM me~
@???: ^^; I'll... try to find something I can do...
Miku is a creeper~
@Pokémonfan #1: lol, I DID use to do that all the time... and then Discord took over my life.
I'm bored, lol
@Franchska The Fennekin: ^^; I remember that comment, but, I forgot about it until you mentioned it. Ha ha haaa *sob*
@Colonel E: HI!!! X3
@guest guest? guest: You may hate my rhyme, but you'll love it in time. Can't you see? You can't avoid it, Hee hee~
@BowtheSylveon: thanks~
Her Knight, he is her light, he shines bright, all through the night.
I am sorry about the condition of the site, it broke, so I'll try to fix it with all my might