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Hi hi!!! I am author chan! OwO
Just a regular author chan! Hee hee~
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@Impereon85: UwU
I love the new style,
but, the limited amount of expressions I can do with it bugs me. I like pushing expressions to the extreme, trying to like, really show how a character is feeling, and these type of cute anime eyes dont have the versatility that regular cartoon eyes do. hmmmmm. what to do?
Any suggestions? OwO
*tired Author chan noises*
Thank you all on voting on the poll for the logo~ (If you did)
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The thing about the extra comics
I feel bad about all of the breaks I have been having, so I have been drawing extra comics ^^; how long will this go for? idk, lol
@Guest: I might, I might not. Kinda have to fix ssec first
This is trying out the new style and stuff!!
Well. Kinda *derp* You'll see more of a change next comic!

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SSEC design contest! --->
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@Buyne: Next comic~
@SeahDaLunatic: They are closed, as I restructure Background eevees entirely
Missed me? ...No? TTuTT rip
Last page till Meanwhile!
Next comic on Wednesday!
Thank you for your patience!
<s> To everyone liking the style, this is the old style. Nothing changed yet </s>
Here are some SSEC thingssssss

SSEC Logo design vote --->
Brotherhood Quiz! --->
SSEC design contest! --->
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Next week regular comics return!!!
get ready!!

Thank you again to !!!
Thanks again to all of the guest comic authors!!!! Here is an extra part to this one drawn by Raini!!!
This Comic was made by

Thank you so much!!

>w< Part 2 next week! (hopefully)
@silverwing:The Eevees is a modern eevee comic masterpiece, and Senpai is a genius.
I wanted to change ssec's style, BUT, I love ssec's current style

Also, Raini01 is so gud to meee QAQ
Raini, Thank you so much for all of the guest comics you have drawn and all of your help in generalll

Here is her deviantart!
Now that I am looking at it, I like the current ssec styleeeeee, I dun wanna chibify themmmmmmm *rolls around, indecisive*
@SlyTheSylveon: 900 px wide by anything more than 900 px long.
@A fan: Stupid Short eevee comic amino and Eeveelutions amino, lol
@anon-vaporeon: Plot comics are not going away. I am just making the series more comedic.
@SonicBat05: <s> I can't look at it without cringing </s>