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I am a girl, who is a eevee/ buneary/ jigglypuff breeder and a coordinator and a trainer and a (self proclaimed) master poffin maker. My dream is to become the champion of Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Hoenn!
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@letsGetREAl: actually, this is not filler~ I removed all filler from the comic, every chapter has a purpose. This chapter also serves a purpose, in building Dawn and Blizz’s chemistry, as well as giving Blizz the laptop he needs for the next chapter.
@Shockwave2001: Why not? Lol
I think that I am going to draw both secrets at the end of this chapter. Hmm...
@Anonymous : He did explain himself, actually. He gave the whole side of the story to the public. I didn't give my side of the story to the public though. And, I don't blame him for anything, but like, he told me that he will become a complete monster to get what he wants, and like, that terrifies me more than anything else. Also, I WANTED to show proof. I wanted to show logs of our DMs, pictures, things others said about him, but he said that I shouldn't, or else he'll do something really really bad, which also terrifies me.
Sorry for it, if you didn't like it, but, the police said that I had to announce it to everyone.
(And please don't say his name, that might link people to him)
@Fuckulosers: I KNOW! Like, DANG! Who the fudge WRITES THIS GARBAGE!???
@Poop: Zeon’s Quest is a fanfic I wrote when I was 12/13/14.
@Guest: Bcause He is my favorite character~
@a loser in the room:
Thank you guys for 1000 fans!!!... Now I just have to remember Blizz's secret ^^;
Announcement for people on the SSEC Discord

SSEC Discord-
@Guest: No, because if I do that, the Meanwhile series will end for good in that chapter.
@StarTheEspeon : Dawn is actually going to appear in the comic after the heft one! :D
@Dragonwarrior: The espeon in that comic appeared again several times~ hee hee
@VayIsCool: Really? Well, then, welcome! And thanks for reading, lol.
@VayIsCool: Always? This is the first time in years that it has been under renovation, lol. I'm just being lazy~
@......: Yes. There has always been a yellow circle on dusk's paws, lol
Also, SSEC has almost 1000 fans!!!
Thank you guys for all of your support!! ^^
<s> I'll try to get both Blizz's and Dusk's secrets up if we hit 1000</s>
For anyone who has ever been on the SSEC Discord, new and old, I have a very important announcement to make next week. Expect a long explanation about why I'm making the announcement that is next week as well <s>And me talking about a boat load of drama, lol</s> this will be posted probably everywhere, cause I need people to know the announcement in particular, for safety reasons.
*Waits for the commenters who are going to say that they use floppy disks/ CDs, lol*
<s>I mean, like, I use CDs too, but, Dusk is just being Dusk</s>