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I am a girl, who is a eevee/ buneary/ jigglypuff breeder and a coordinator and a trainer and a (self proclaimed) master poffin maker. My dream is to become the champion of Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola!
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@Galaxy cat: Those are next chapter
@Kratos: That is even scarier. If Dawn gets mad, and tries to hyper beam someone, she might miss and hyper beam someone else
@boomdoomg: :/ Well, I wanted to put old refs on the character page, but people want the new ones, soooo, sorry ^^;
@Sky207: <s> Can you please edit your comment so the word doesn't break out of the box? </s>
And Blizz gets his computer!!!
lol, he is happy~
What an abrupt ending
Next comic is a meanwhile
@TehPsychicOne: And I want Vay too, but like, It is not his time.
@Guest: After the next comic
@BlueEevee362: The comic is posted on Saturdays Eastern time. I usually try to post between 10:00am-2:00pm est, but, sometimes things happen and I have to post a bit later than that ^^;. For example, this Saturday, I had to draw the comic on Saturday, cause I was sick on Friday, and I couldn't draw it ^^;;
Anyways, I think not posting at all would be more upsetting than posting late. Soooo, ^^; Sorry for posting late and upsetting you, I guess. I can't really change anything really at the moment.
@BlueEevee362: No worries~ I delete most comments with bad words when I see them.
@Guest: It is not canon and has a lot of errors.
@Guest: We here at SSEC do not use that type of language, thus, the P always turns into a C.
@Rainbow eevee 27:
@Guest: *lounging on a beach chair, drinking lemonade, not making any eevee comics*
Ah, corn.
lol, So, a few months ago, we had a fanfiction writing contest on Discord, and one of the entries wasn't done, so we couldn't accept it. But the person who wrote it put a lot of work into it, sooo, here it is!
and, here is the link to the ssec Discord!
I guess I should explain more about why Dusk is a meanie in comic ^^;;
@:ok_hand:: Actually, putting the old ones up will only take a few minutes, since the files are already up and I am such a noob at coding that I only paste the file name with some picture coding stuff.
@Guest: It is not only for ice drop. This is a public computer for everyone, this includes Light fire and green paw. And, Dusk is the only one who knows how to import items into the PC.
@Dusk's Fan Girl: 2 eevees broke the computer, and they expect Dusk to get a computer for everyone. Not just those two eevees, or one house. It is not fair if a few people ruin a good thing for everyone, after all. They are in the PC, but they do not have access to that kind of stuff without Dusk's permission. This is why only eevees like Wiz, who Dusk likes, have computers, while those he doesn't like, or have no opinion on, don't.
@Guest: Dusk doesn't give them those either. The only one with a phone is Vay.