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Hi hi!!! I am author chan! OwO
Just a regular author chan! Hee hee~
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@Radiatio: SSEC is not based on the real pokemon world. It is based on the Pokemon games.
@Who Knows?: There are others~
@Breon_The_Umbreon: That schedule hasn't been followed since I came to college. And, the comics are made a week before I post them *yawn* I am just too lazy to post them early.
@Oliver 4 life: Side characters will be focused on more beginning next chapter, depending on what the chapter will be
@Guest: Oh! Luckily, the next meanwhile is Blizz themed!
@This is...: Lol, you mean
Rip Eevee Academy
Cause of death: impatient fans
I wonder how a comic gets spotlighted on Smackjeeves
<s> Lol, Maybe ssec can't cause it is a pokemon comic</s>
oh wait. That prolly only matters on Youtube.
Going to change accounts in a few weeks, lol
The name Scruffyeevee on Smackjeeves was taken by some dude that doesn't even use the account, soooo, I am going with my alt Scruffyeevee name. Which would be better to use in the long run, actually.
@Espeon Person: If they want it now? Yes, lol
$100 per page. It's a great deal.
if they wait tho, it's free.
@Breon_The_Umbreon: You can!!! I love seeing comics!! OAO
@Yellowflashchampion: Go to "My account" on Smackjeeves! Then scroll all the way to the bottom! ^^
@Person: Naw, it isn't bad at all!! In fact, I think it is great! ^^
@Breon_The_Umbreon: Background eevee submissions are not a contest, and, only one per person because I already have enough.
@DONT DO IT: :3c Putting a page to explain why he is so grumpy will be sad. I would rather put in a dance party page!
@GreenTheLeafeon: Sometime before the end of the year.
This cute guest comic was drawn by the amazing Littlemoon-chan!!!
Here is the link to her DA!!
All her art is adorable, check it out!
@Guest: Why so short? *looks at the name of the webcomic series* HMMMMM
@Chamomile : those mean we got that secret!