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I am an avid Pokemon Trainer, Breeder, and Spriter. I am also the Manager of a pair of Fangames called Pokemon Sacred Truth and Eternal Lies.
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Second Time's the Charm ...
Welp! I'm giving it a try again! For those of you who don't know, I attempted to do this before hand, making my own Pokemon sprite comic, but I didn't really have a sense of direction or a story, but now I do. This story, PTX, Pokemon : Tales of Xikigane, tells the tales of Hunter Rave, taking the events of the upcoming fangame Pokemon Sacred Truth and Eternal Lies, and placing them into a sprite comic. Almost all of the events in the comic WILL take place in the fan games, so spoiler alerts or sneak peaks, whatever you'd like to view it as. And without further ado, I introduce the comic! Page 1, and the beginning of a great adventure for Hunter Rave!
Personally I wouldn't mind the script AND the comic because I would still read both. With the script I can picture how everything I read could appear as an anime scene and with the comic I can see how different it may look from what I saw. So both would be cool imo!
Awesome page as always Silver :D and yayyyy came out on mah BDAy XD
@TheSilverLeague: Lmfao xD maybe when I make a comic using them I'll reference this scene ;)
The Cameos are to real for my leaders, lol
The Cameos are too real for my Gym Leaders xD Chayce, Akihiko, Kazenoko, Anthea, Yuki, guess they're on vacation XD

~ Hunter
Silver bruh how do you get those sunset filters X3
I wonder :P
@HappyDittoz: Hm.... interesting you said that :3 if Silver would give me permission, I bet I could use RPG MAKER XP to make a fangame outta this. The Silver League Chronicles... or something X3 the Silver League Legacy? , Ginune Adventures? Idk, but it'd be fun :P
Thanks so Much X3
Thanks so much for the shout out Silver, and yah, they basically are straight rips from the map so I did the best I could with them. But thanks for everything. ;)
@TheSilverLeague: A1421956035&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1

Fixed ;P
@TheSilverLeague: Here it is , enjoy (i hope), lol.: 53A1421868135
@TheSilverLeague: Hey Silver, where can I post the Map's "update" i did. I basically tried my best making it in the X and Y style so tell me where to post it and tell me what you think ;) I can post it to Deviantart if thats best for you.
@TheSilverLeague: lol, thanks! I VERY much look forward to drawing these, especially considering how accurate you said those cross transceivers were. Because those will be a LIFESAVER reference to refer back to :P
Would ya mind?
Hey Silver,
Hunter here. Well, let me get straight to the point. In an effort to improve my drawing skills and ask a kinda thank you for so many awesome pages and such a heart wrenching and daring story, I was wondering if you'd allow me to draw some of your pages like an actual graphic novel or manga style. At first I may do some random cool scenes but, if I get good enough, I might be able to start from the beginning and work my way through the entire comic! Well, thanks for the consideration and awesome page! ;) enjoy your vaca
@TheSilverLeague: LOL thanks XP And trust me, those trees look fine. But I do notice something you gripe about alot on them, is that... PILLOW SHADING? XD
@TheSilverLeague: Thanks for the advice, I'll see what I can do. But I just have one question? Did you make those trees yourself XD. That's like the main thing I have issues with when it comes to backgrounds for some reasons, trees. Idk what it is :P
Any advice?
Hey Silver,
LONG AGO, when I first discovered your comic , you inspired me to make my own. But it wasn't until now that I had a proper story and characters to do so. I just need a small bit of advice, how do you do backgrounds and the battle moves? Ik the moves are most likely done on Photoshop but how would one go about doing them in paint? Maybe you can continue that how to make a sprite comic series on YT if you ever have time for it and have those be topics? Idk, well, thanks for reading this and AWESOME Page. Can't WAIT for more ;)