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I have not forgotten!
Ok so the Crazy as Hell Holidays are over I think you guys deserve a new page, with a new format, and a new art style(ish) I hope you guys like it >w<
Support your Sexy Elves!
While yes this is shameless promotion their is a good reason for it.

Because my Patreon has dropped below 150$ a month, Elven lovers can not continue. If you wish for this comic to continue please support it via Patreon, Even if its only 1$ a month you would be helping out alot!

Don't let this comic Die out, Support it!
@edgeblade: I actually plan to continue this series its just going to be Once a month VS Biweekly. This is mainly due to the demand for Kuroinu Rebellion Fan Game
Maybe Last Page till further notice
This....Maybe the Last page I Post because Kuroinu Rebellion, Send me a Comment if you want me to continue.

But Brandy wakes up Hangover style lol
Back to normal
Alrighty back to the normal Scheduled with this.
Also playing too much Subnautica.....Drowning is no fun <n<
Sorry long time no Upload
Hey guys sorry this took forever to upload I had RL BS to deal with and funny story i had it ready last week but saved it accidentally as the wrong file and lost the original file so I had to redraw it from scratch >n<

Anyways.....seems Brandon is in a Pickle O_o;
I think hes in trouble
had some issues arranging how this page would go but I think it turned out ok.
Releasing early because messed up schedule
Heya guys, I promised last time I would do a double update for Pages 7 and 8 and while I got to work on 8 immediately after i posted I got hit with some bad news regarding my finances, I BARELY made it through the skin of my teeth last month and have been working my butt off to try and not have another indecent like that, which meant i had very little time to work on basically anything, heck upon posting this I had already worked on said comic for almost a entire week working a little less than a hour each night because its what little time i have, Try working 2pm-11:30pm shifts on a no caffeine or sugar diet (Otherwise im screwed health wise and because i no longer have health insurance because of my job) so literally every night im working on fumes. I wanted to get this posted as soon as it was finished because even though Thursdays are my typical days off lately i've been using them to try and recharge my batteries from a taxing job that i sure hell don't get paid enough for.

Sorry im venting so much, I really dont like the job im at, customer service is the absolute worst and they way they restructured the workplace just makes everything worse.

This is kinda why I wish I had more patrons for my patreon, if i did I could be cranking out this comic every week ontop of finishing commissions and working on game projects.

Anyways no page 8 like I promised, im to exhausted I feel like im getting sick.

But onto the page itself We get introduced to the final two ladies of the series, Hanako and Yuzuki. And Brandy seems to enjoy the Bountiful Oppai view
I was weak and wanted to draw this

Took an entire day and night to make it

your welcome Viewers >w<
Vacation Return!
North Carolina was Pretty
And this is my Vain attempt to do something Artsy
Slight Delay
Sorry this took a little was sick.

I combined the original Pages of 3 and 4 so we can get to the Elf Sexyness faster
Do not worry its a commin >w>
It May Continue Soon
@Flik_Deathstalker: Good news then, I Recently Started a Patreon that when my First Milestone has been Reached, I can Personally Take up and Continue this Comic, I Really Want to Continue work on this, I just need time away from Work to work on Each Page, Im thinking it Maybe Bi Weekly but it depends on how long it will take for me to Draw Each page.

Please Vist my DeviantArt Page or my Patreon Page for more info

Until then please stay Patient
Last Page til Further notice
Well I told ya guys before that this is going to be the last page til further notice. Sakura has stopped doing comic works for other people so that means i need to start practicing myself, if it picks up again you'll notice a difference in artworks. But thats not going to be any time soon as Im currently working on my RPG Game based off Kuroniu, Kuroniu: Rebellion. If you love this series your going to love that, oh and it will be free on release. I am going to continue this series Im dead serious i just have to make the time and effort to make it, I want my work to have quality like so. So until then this is Seth Lionheaty signing off.
Infrequint updates ahead
Yay new comic!

But bad news
Sense im juggling working on the game and this and Retail job I dont think i can update as frequent as usual...
So it maybe on Prolonged Hiatus.

Silver lining if you love Kuroniu then you will love the game >w<
Sakura and I Are out of town for the Holidays after next update just a warning
Sorry bout the Delay update
Been Uber busy with making the game, as well as holidays and such
Happy Halloween
Little late but
Happy Halloween
Sorry no sexy halloween pic this year
or heck maybe an entire chapter to it =w=
Yay Were back
And Hanako's Checking out Brandon's Resume....yeah its awful <.<;

Also Check out my Devart Page Were making a Hentai Game ;)
The gang has been Introduced!
And we come to the final maid of our story, Yuzuki!
oh and Read the text on the books....pretty much sums up college
Worst way to Die EVER
Anywho incase you havent realized it the new Schedual is every other Saturday due to RL stuff....
And yes Gentlemen this IS the worst way to die ever O_O;