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All you need to know about me is how to read my comments. Kindly give me Claptrap's voice, thank you. EXCELCIOR!
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    Alexander Samuel "Felix" III
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Is it just me? Or do people come for the bickering more than the actual story?
*Reads alt text* ohhhh, that makes so much more sence now. HALF OF THE DOUBLE CONSPIRANCY HAS BEEN SOLVED! Now to solve the other half.
Aaaannd the white mage has solo'd Garland!
Lookit it! You can see the mic, just lookit it!
@Blizzard: glad i have a mirror and a blind spell at the ready
Heh heh, guess that Blink spell came in handy-*shot*
Judging by her tone,Hamma time?
(Ok, i should stop with the ff1 jokes now •///•)
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: Too late, femSanctum is already a thing
I think i see the problem, the red mage is underleveled.
Woaah, we got a Pheonix Wright over there! Someone get the judge, this is a conspirancy!
A little family tree for my OC's
@Merone: Horray! This is back!
... I THINK I KNOW IT IS! ITS (Censored by comic)!
"Bolt: Oh yeah, (censor). (Censor) is not here." pqWXc&usp=drive_web#gid=0
"Eeveeloution: (Censor) Side Notes: (Censor)
Kaboom! Its a female. For obvious reasons...
@zacksims123: I'm actually working on a lot of revamps that's why I haven't updated in a while...
Glad you like though!
@Blizzard: i dunno what's more frightening, how accurate i was, or how versatile that team is gonna be when they evolve O_o
Ralts-White Mage
Pichu-Red Mage
@Shard: The first boss in infinty blade you beat. His blade has literaly been nicknamed "The god killer" So its no coincidence that you have to kill him with his own blade.
O_o someone call Radriar, we need that blade of his!
Might as well add two more character's...

Gender: She-cat
Personality: Kind with a short temper
Looks: Tuxeido cat with white tail tip and amber eyes
Role: Warrior
Clan: WindClan
Other: Redleaf's crush

And just so a bit of me is here:

Name: Jayfrost
Gender: Tom
Personality: Extremely hasteful and easily agitated
Looks: Grey tabby with green eyes
Role: Warrior
Clan: RiverClan
Other: Colorblind