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Hello, I am willy5000! Author of a starting nuzlocke run, Blazing Infernos: Will's Firered Nuzlocke.
My hobbies include: Doing things
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Holy shit, Zack, it's been so long! Your comics continue to be amazing I see :3
@stickwill: THANKS STICKWILL! But I think it's more just improvement than a style change :)
After six months of hiatus, I finally managed to finish a page! :D

Also, this page was made using copic markers, but it's probably not going too be a permanent change, as I used a ton of green, brown and blue ink on this page.

But I'm very proud of this page and I'm really glad I could finally get back into drawing my nuzlocke again! Thanks so much everyone!
Sick color page Zack! It seems both you and Jam and coming out of your hiatuses, maybe I should try...
I missed you Luence
@EnceladusTrainer: I think they look a lot closer to 13 with this style
Cool style change! It seems to make the characters look older
The great helix has not been forgotten
@EnceladusTrainer: Oh yeah, true. He's now a charmeleon devil btw
Blaize is the cutest fucking thing ever
@EnceladusTrainer: I was thinking the exact same thing