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"His stupidity level on a scale of one to five would be a 13."


Lets see... the name's Mel. I'm 16, go to highschool, and do normal teenagery things. I love to draw and write. I love bands like AFI, FOB, and MCR, but also stuff like Crowded House and The Cure. I love Converse Shoes and the color yellow =] That ugly yellow car down the street from school WILL be mine.

i also have a deviantart page at



a pirate walks into a bar, with a big ol' ship's wheel down his pants. the bartender says, 'hey, buddy, you know you've got a big ol' ship's wheel down your pants?'

and the pirate says 'arrr, it's drivin' me nuts.'

i crack me up...
hehee, "naked self-portraits"

only every couple of hours?
3 or 4, please
he SHOULD have been.
her name changes from shalola to shalonda.... SPOOKY....
im interested in the novel thing. ive emailled you too, so if you get a random email, thats from me :D
wow, cool dragon.

WHAT WILL THEY DO???!?! dun dun dunnnnn...
aww, dont cry! my, hasnt this taken a rather deep turn...
aww, i love the pattern! this is a really cute pic :D
ahaha. luckily i managed to miss out on being given a lot of those... there were times, though. i hated fkn beanie kids. god, those bears are the devil.
hey, gay-jack got a haircut :D
great new layout! ilu abel...
omg, this is awesome!! i love the hatching on the previous page :D +fav'd
hes a cutie =] but now youve made me suspicious with your dramatic music.... dun dun dunnn.... GET AWAY FROM HER!!

her expressions are the best.
aww, thats so cute~! ahaha his face... thats awesome =] im gonna add you on LJ, k?
ive got another question, al...

why is your BEARD a different color to your HAIR? (hair on your HEAD, that is, not facial hair..)

and that wasp might just be perfect for jacks spirit animal...
"i am also the one who hasnt shaved for years!"
OUCH. MY hand hurts just looking at it. how big is your cat???
wow, this is amzing!! i love the art, you have a great syle :D
'i think im broken!'

lol whats with that guy?