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Hey there! You've actually managed to find me on my alternate account, which I use for some group comics that I joined before making the new one. My other account is Consonance, which I will inevitably use to rejoin all the comics I'm already a part of, but I can't be bothered to just get it over with so this account is staying put for now.
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holy shit its been a while

I keep meaning to get back into spriting but I haven't actually taken time to sit down and actually do anything until today. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it for a while now that I have a bit more free time.
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I tried something new with the speech bubbles. Not entirely sure how I feel about them yet.

Things sure did occur in this page. What a wonderful sequence of events.

i cant believe i got boom stabbed and fucking died
i used to make like one page a day for blank world now im lucky if i get out one page every two months

truly ive fallen from grace
@Ren Fowl:

well shit youve got me there

i cant do anything to stop you

except make more characters than you
@Ren Fowl:

you realise that is not a contest you want to be a part of right

i mean

we havent really been enforcing that rule
man what do i even put in an author comment

i made a comic today it went pretty well
here it is
this is the comic
A thrilling new chapter in what is shaping up to be quite possibly the most impressive saga in Blank World yet! What wonders await us in the next entry? Only time will tell...

One of the most interesting things to note is that this arc has no true "heroes," so to speak. Our protagonist - at least, what we seem to perceive as such to this point - is himself standing trial for as-of-yet undisclosed allegations. From his interactions with the woman in green, we see that he isn't what we could consider innocent either. His 'antics' have apparently caused her a great deal of grief, and in a world where no real justice system exists (even this one seems to be less than effective, what with our judge having evidently passed on halfway through a hearing), we have seen time and time again that causing others grief is one of the most heinous things that goes on in the void.

Speaking of the woman in green, we can also very easily infer that she also errs away from the side of morality. Between her aggressive demeanor above and her previous appearances in the work, she has shown spiteful, crude, angry, and even violent tendencies, attempting to kill our beloved Advert in her last appearance quite some time ago.

So then, who should we look for as our moral high ground in this saga? Could it be Cumman himself? Unlikely, as it seems to be that he is in fact the source of all of this strife - as our protagonist states "where the confusion began." My thoughts then turned to the judge; truly one in such a position would need to be morally straight even during tumultuous events such as these. Could his apparent death on this page serve as a message, a warning that those who follow their morals and do what is right will never triumph over the forces of evil and chaos? Personally, I believe this to be the case. In addition, the blood is seen dripping outside of the comic panels at the end of this chapter, perhaps as a sign that this is the case even outside of the comic's realm? A chilling prospect, I know.

Hopefully we find the answers we seek in due time; as we eagerly await the next chapter of the Cumman saga, we should take this time to look back upon ourselves and see how our own experiences mirror this message, and if there is anything we can do about it in our day to day lives.
@Red Haired Bastard:

i mean you can believe that if you enjoy being wrong
@Red Haired Bastard:

its arguably the best thing youll ever see in your life thats what it is
why is this page playing music and how do i make it stop
@Ren Fowl:

well he is going to have to look a little harder because ricky is busy being edgy right now and rick and blake are already boyfriends

I think it's just showing where Seto is right now, the friend they're talking about was Rory I believe
@Ren Fowl:


let the robot be gay or im gonna fuckin riot

you can literally use ms paint

thats what i use for 90% of the stuff in my comics and its honestly a swell program

much better than people give it credit for

dude i hardly give enough of a shit to make my own pages much less make pages for someone else