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I love to play basketball and draw. I was recently married I also have four kids two boys and two girls. I started to draw at an early age. Mostly i need to have something playing in the background to draw. movies, music, audio books, anything.
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happy mlk day, let us all be the change we want to see in the world.
really dope shit ... speechless
you comic is really dope like cheers
artist choice
really like the decision to use heavy dark line really works for you.
her cover has been blown people have seen her
love it
something so pure about the random sketches
great concept
just finished the prologue, love it the use of colors is great and really excited about the potential of the story possibilities.... keep up the good work.
drop out floor
entering a secret building the floor has to fall out it's only right.
i chose izza as kanes project lifeline password for the izzo song off the blueprint by jay-z
but was tired and instead of an o typed an a
phone booth
being from cleveland the phone booth was a symbol shouting out to superman... since he is from my home town.
this is the moment when your team loses and you have to admit you picked the wrong side.
the deathbots
the earlier models had trouble multi tasking so firing weapons systems and tracking enemies often caused them to fail.
the deathbots
the deathbots can pick up radio signals to intercept messages from enemies and locate were the signals come from.
press pause
my father would always tell my brother and i to press pause and check out the situation, then make the next move. and that is what fate is trying to do here.
uncle Kane
Uncle Kane is stepping in to tell fate to shut his mouth and refocus on the task at hand.
too much mouth
growing up my brother and i would talk smack back and forth no matter what we were doing. personally i would always notice that i would lose my edge once i started talking
dragon Ball Z inspired this page on many episodes you get this type of attack.
still battling with his inner child and the loss demise feels with fate choosing to grow up demise has become spiteful so he is encouraging fates death.
Here we have the death bot blasting fate in the back i personally like the way it looks like fate is bouncing off the page.
With this issue i wanted to move the story a bit slower so i used the cover as a sort of panel. To pick up right were i left off.