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Oh my gosh he is a dad
Odette, you will come to love all the wonderful flavours. I can't wait for her to try something sweet.
Vamuro looks like a dad in the second panel
Honestly, same Odette
My poor boy
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: peanut butter and jelly
Is this a trust thing or is it a they'll destroy you if yoi stay thing?
Not the lemon water!!!
I guess she just bunks with Lilu then
Heck ya, you funky angel!
the fish is so dramatic
i sure hope we get context later, but what we do know is that this date is officially ruined
At least let her sip her wine first
oh, so it was this
and it was all downhill from here
Somethin's Fishy
The restaurant knows whats up
I'm so scared to know what drove them apart, they were so close and such good friends.
In his defence, he just woke up
In his defence, he just woke up
They're so cute!!!! Look at those smiles 💖
So that's where her gate is
Whose Maria?
Well, time to fight the fuckin ocean i guess
Welcome back♡
I'm glad you're back, but don't push yourself, we'll still be here. Yes we love this comic, but we also just want you to be alright.
This is what I think may have happened
Teri was supposed t be number 7, right? Cordelia was 6 and Lucero was spared from the program. Teri should have technically been 7th plug unti, but he was never made part of the program.