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I wonder if noah reminded them of someone
Also, Noah they just saved you from that battle and you're already running back. I get why he's running back, but like, wow.
Please don't get killed Noah
Finch to the rescue!
he's in trouble...I think...maybe not
She holds the strings, perhaps the strings of life?
I think he just likes stargazing and fell asleep under the stars
oh dear, it got through the door
Finch is back!
This page looks so pretty and it makes me so happy. I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful comic.
Can I call this a slightly wholesome update?
They better be talking about a different friend or ethan
Oh I'm nervous
The red feels very foreboding
That is true dedication
'm not gonna lie, I'm amazed he remembered that for so long
Oh my babies no :'(
Ahh, he looks so distraught
It's really sweet that Cage is distracting Yani. Like he started talking about something he knew she knew a lot about, and because he's asking the questions, she would have to be carrying on most of the conversation. It's just really nice that he's trying to take her mind off of the dark for a bit.
@Katalina Lozano: oops, I apparently missed that. thank you
Woah, what's going on with Terri's prongs?
without her nose, her business is gonna tank