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I'm so scared to know what drove them apart, they were so close and such good friends.
In his defence, he just woke up
In his defence, he just woke up
They're so cute!!!! Look at those smiles 💖
So that's where her gate is
Whose Maria?
Well, time to fight the fuckin ocean i guess
Welcome back♡
I'm glad you're back, but don't push yourself, we'll still be here. Yes we love this comic, but we also just want you to be alright.
This is what I think may have happened
Teri was supposed t be number 7, right? Cordelia was 6 and Lucero was spared from the program. Teri should have technically been 7th plug unti, but he was never made part of the program.
Why is the other parent classified or hidden from view? Or is that normal? Did he have to put in a password to see the first parent?
A knife! No!
Toggy looks cute in a skirt
He goes shmoop!
@Rakewn: Take care okay? I hope things get better :)
plot twist: the candies were a dud
@Team Teri Represent: There's no need to apologize, you didn't do anything wrong. I agree with you,someone should have noticed something was off, but they probably weren't looking for anything because Teri wasn't saying anything and his work wasn't suffering so they thought nothing of his state. They may have just thought he was having a bad week or something. But that doesn't change what happened and they really should apologize to him for not keeping a better eye on him.
@Team Teri Represent: But realize that Teri was isolated in the cube, he didn't really interact with anyone else. From what I understand, Gram kept him isolated so his only focus was the cube. Also, I like how you called Gram two-faced because that's completely correct. People only see what he wants them to see. Nutro only saw what Gram wanted her to see. Hell, everyone in the cube only saw what Gram wanted them to see. He only shows his true colors if he sees something as a hindrance or threat or if he knows he can get away with it. He'll find someway to keep under his foot or make their words useless against him.
Also don't be so hard on Nutro, yes her and Teri were friends and I'd like to think she still considers them friends, I mean she did come and try to check on him later. They had a fight and she was probably hurt and that might be why they hadn't talked for a bit. I mean she already has to deal with her coworkers thinking she's a ditz and bimbo eben though she's worked just as hard as them. She was probably happy Teri didn't think that way of her when he started working with them. And when he made that comment about her and Gram she got upset. I'm just hoping things get resolved between her and Teri.
THis is just gonna be a bunch of thoughts
I'm happy cannon helped Hart, but is this the end of Hart's and Unix's involvement in the search?
Also, I'm worried for what's happening back home? Like how are the families handling this? All their kids are being arrested or under surveillance and they can't really do much about it. And Nutro, how is she holding up? While her and Teri left on bad terms, she still cares about them, they were friends. Also, since Teri's gone, is she the head engineer again, or is that position up in air? I'm just worried about everyone.
I wonder if noah reminded them of someone
Also, Noah they just saved you from that battle and you're already running back. I get why he's running back, but like, wow.
Please don't get killed Noah
Finch to the rescue!