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Also Happy Easter!
I have a draw with Croiss with bunny ears but my scanner broke TT-TT and i wanted so hard to post it
@Esilvain: yeah, he's a vampire (with a quite strange personality i would say xD)
^_^ and thank you
One of my fave pages, 'cause i like fanservice lol
xD Actually this page was made for all who thought that Croiss was a girl
omg those kawaii eyes <3 xD
lol, best page ever
@MegaAnimeFreak7: >w< thanks, i guess when i colored this page was one of my good days xD
I was about to put the wrong page xD

Anyone else loves Croiss' lips? 'cause i was seriosly fangirling when i colored them xD

Croiss' dark side <3
@CreepyHime: Thank you TT^TT
@leiseflustern: Unfortunatly it costs and u aren't allowed to do mistakes so i colored only 15 pages
@Esilvain: TT^TT you can't imagine how happy i'm <3
@Esilvain: lol i knew that someone will not understand xD so i think i have to make some spoilers here (in a few pages the blonde one will explain everything)

Yes, the red-haired one is mute but the other can read in his mind by touching him (that's why he needed the gloves)
@Esilvain: Yes xD but it's a chinese myth :3 It says that those who are tied by the red string are destined lovers

Btw, they can't see it xD
This is so cute, really liked it :3
cant wait 'till the next page, they are too cute xD