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Alright, so I'm a creative and imaginative person. I like video games, reading (both ordinary books and comic books/manga), and drawing. I also like reading comics on Smack Jeeves : ).

I am also on deviantART, YouTube, and some other stuff, as "StygianSeargent" in all of them. That's my usual web persona. I just decided to vary it a bit on SmackJeeves.
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I second that!
I'd buy that...
@meta-eggplant: Technically they do, they're just 3D.
Originally I thought the joke would be that it would turn out that the dummy was actually Runt in a costume. Nice twist (well, it was a twist to me anyway XD).
The background of the site turned to imageshack things. What happened?
@kitkat68: Correct
@Mint612: For the third time! Yay.
At least you have good fillers!
@Luigi_96: I'm not the only one! :D
I love when buttons like that are positioned in creative places like that.
At first I didn't see what Candy did there. And then I saw the gas vent. Wow.
Yeah, you'd do best not to anger Kululu...
Oh joy...
@PrincesTomboy: Yay, I'll take my absolutely nothing, thank you!
Please update! Did you lose your pen again? ;A;
I guessed it right!
Okay, alt-text! After looking at a lot of the old alt-texts and comments by Ammika I have deduced [POSSIBLE SPOILER] that the boss is either Kululu from Keroro Gunsou, or the dragon-sage guy mentioned earlier. (Or both, but I kinda doubt that.)
@Alienoid: How DOES Surfersquid do it?
@SaberMoh: I'm glad it turned out to just be lancer 1250 losing his pen...
Also, thanks!
@CapedLuigisYoshi: ^_^; Haha, author powers..although actually that was just a game theory I have...really doesn't apply to this comic...just thought I'd share it cause Batamon were mentioned.
Second-to-last panel = gold.