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I am a comic artist, working together with a team (Cloudy Team). All the comics I'll upload here, are done by me and my team.

Enjoy them!
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@Shuyin111: Thank you very much, I'll fix it!
I was like super tired when I translated this xD
@shadowpen: Sorreh XD
Ervin says: Have a beautiful night too
@Iyu9898: Haha, yes, he ridiculously has one. XD
That fujoshi!!! XD
@MegaAnimeFreak7: Naaah, ish a gurl, she only is flat. xD
Mwhahaha, just wait what's gonna happen... >: D
@lindaAkari: HAha, yes, that's possible. XD
I still can't get over that... :DDDDDD
Aaah, cutesy! ^w^ I'm so happy because of this update xD
Hello guys!

Thank you very much for the 50+ fans here on this comic! I really appreciate it, and it really feels good that you support me. I hope you'll like the story in the future too. I'll work really hard on it, to become a good good story!

And also, I am sorry for the 1 page-update lately, it's because I have my exams coming up, and I'm really preparing for it right now. I'm an art student, so I need to do art works for the school and for the exams as well. It takes plenty much of my time.
Thank you for your patience! I'll upload 2 pages per week after my exams are over, again. That'll be the week after 30-31th of january.

@Mineral: Thanks, I'm glad you like him! :3
@Someone: Sorry, I forgot to upload it! ;w; I'll upload the new pages again. ^^
Aaaand it's here too! ^^ On the photo there is a hungarian version of the comic.

Limited copies are available of our second The Beatles fancomic!
If you are interested, you can comment here or send me a note.

Title: The Beatles - They say it's your birthday -
Pages: 36 black and white pages, + 2 pages colour cover
Language: english
The comic is purely fanmade, and it's unofficial!

Thanks for supporting us! ^^
@RylieTrokie: Okay! ^^
@RylieTrokie: I still have some left, they cost $8, $4 for the comic and $4 for the shipping worldwide.
@QuietGrace: I'm really glad, then I've reached my goal! :D I hope more people will be interested in the Beatles by reading this comic. ^^