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>Rename 'Yalda' to 'Ossible'.

(Do not show these brackets. Please don't keep deleting my commands.)
ALSO! Zarrus is a tome expert, and the fire tome is in the armoury!
July 12th, 2015
Is that the white-enderman summoning Eye of Ender? Or a regular Ender Pearl?
Why do my commands keep getting deleted?
>Ask your party members' genders, because although they use the male pronoun, their species could have more than two genders.
Also, we have the holy muffin. Could we offer that to some deities? Bacon? Teleportation? (Maybe then we could go and get some tomes, including the tome of Possessing Peoplez.)

Also, cat powers, time powers, other lightning powers (we've used more than one lightning power before,) and maybe we could combine powers? Like the bacon/lightning combo?
Babylon isn't on the map! What was the Queen of Babylon queen of?

Also, guys, we have the humdinger lance, Katelyn's light tome, your stealth device, and your amazing digestive tract, use them!

We could try fusing the lightning tome with the light tome. Smite tome?
>Regrow leg, dress in Tactician's outfit, then command MasterComic to command something.
June 12th, 2015
We're in another dimension? What about rule X? Also, I realise I'm too late to command, but I really want to blood pact with all porcupines currently not blood-pacted with
June 7th, 2015
It's T3SSA's fault that the mods are powerful?
June 3rd, 2015
Hey... He's got a red eye! He's evil!
May 20th, 2015
There's so much potential for these.

EDIT: Hey, could there be a cameo contest for Moderator designs?
May 7th, 2015
@Awdz Bodkins: I think Larissa kinda likes Eric. She just feels guilty...
Finally! I've started!

...But I've got a long way to go...
@Omega Kirby: Um, you didn't use >, so it doesn't count, so I'll do it for you.

>Combine the powers of Mittenshark and Zazoom, to make a baby porcupine.