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Hmm there's not really much to say about me. I work full time but want to get my comic out regularly at least 2 days a week so I'm BUSY! Heh... hmmm... what else?
I like watermelon. Erm, and coffee. And video games. Although I don't get the chance to play them as much as I would like. My 3DS is awesome cuz I get to play stuff on the bus to work and I'm currently playing Fantasy Life on it.

I have a tumblr on which I post World Apart updates, sneak peeks and occasional drawings. And I may occasionally post NSFW stuff. Maybe.

I also have a Deviant Art where I'll sometimes do the same

I tend to be on the tumblr more.
@Bad Advice: Yeah? Did it take you long?
Thanks for reading! Glad you're enjoying it and my characters. Do you have a favourite?
@Quadrant: For Callum and Owen, anyway.

He got dressed because Avery badgered him to.
@Miss_Johnny: A cheeky face.
@Quadrant: Nah, it was just a quick doodle.
(He changed his mind on the offer of shower sex NSFW doodle )
@Hawkflame: It's okay, I didn't think you were forcing or having a go. :)
With the other comics you mention it might be that they haven't read the TOS or just take the risk.
@Hawkflame: Yeah, but just because they draw them, doesn't mean they're not breaking the TOS.
We're allowed sex scenes, I have sex scenes in this comic, but graphic porn like scenes break the TOS, and I don't think I have the skill to draw a 'tasteful' spitroasting.
@xX-Ghost-Xx: Happy screaming..? XD
@Kevin_Redcrow: Lol! No, I'm serious!!
Avery, going with the flow. NSFW
Course I can't draw the threesome scene due to SJ's TOS... but I drew a pic of Avery "going with the flow" here: NSFW
@Kevin_Redcrow: You think he's huffy? What gives you that idea?
@JesBelle: Today, on bad choices theater...

Or, A Day in The Life of Avery.
@Stances: Too right. But will he? DUN DUN DUUUNNNN.
@Arcane Allusion: He's too easily goaded.
@Quadrant: He cares for Callum... he.. er ... just has a lousy way of showing it.
@Kevin_Redcrow: Hey, Owen is still doing him. That MP is a regular and a serious source of income for Owen.
@xX-Ghost-Xx: hehe that was an emotional response.
@Paoly22: That could apply to my whole comic! XD
@sstogner1: @ahiruluver602:
Afraid it is true. Richey did accidentally kill Anwen. But Avery didn't believe him.