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Hmm there's not really much to say about me. I work full time but want to get my comic out regularly at least 2 days a week so I'm BUSY! Heh... hmmm... what else?
I like watermelon. Erm, and coffee. And video games. Although I don't get the chance to play them as much as I would like. My 3DS is awesome cuz I get to play stuff on the bus to work and I'm currently playing Fantasy Life on it.

I have a tumblr on which I post World Apart updates, sneak peeks and occasional drawings. And I may occasionally post NSFW stuff. Maybe.

I also have a Deviant Art where I'll sometimes do the same

I tend to be on the tumblr more.
@Quadrant: He's not self aware enough yet to dress his Dark self.

Avery's not knocked stark out, he's full of laughter and happy that Maxwell is being forced into buttsex.
@Quadrant: Lube went on between pages, it's just a waste of panels and time to draw that, the majority of people should know and assume that lube is a necessary course of action here.
@HornyGayBoy: Yeah, he up a rubber and lube on between pages.

Also, wasn't the point to find someone to have normal non-rough sex wit.
Nope, Avery wants to make Maxwell as miserable as possible.
@Auldr: I love your comments they're so insightful.
@Kevin_Redcrow: Avery just doesn't have a clue what he's doing really.
@I likea his haira: I don't think you will ever get over it.
@Quadrant: Yep. Jack is kind of a control freak.
@Arcane Allusion: You'll find out soon!
@JesBelle: Avery just wants Jack to have sex with Maxwell when Maxwell doesn't want it.

He wishes Jack has exorcist dick powers.
@sstogner1: Oh no, that was the ugly old art you saw, I forgot to add the last minute update before it went out. So only you now know how insane Jack's brows once were.
@JesBelle: Avery's not a salad sandwich type. And he won't eat tuna without mayo.
Richey or Alan however, would have eaten the entire contents of the fridge.
@Quadrant: The dark and light are as evil or good as the people in possession of it.
@xX-Ghost-Xx: But not one he wants!
@I likea his haira: He likes peanut butter. And jam. But not together.
@Quadrant: Yep Richey see light. (did you read his tumblr?)
There are contrasts and similarities.
@Quadrant: It is a fundamental impossibility for Jack to lighten up. XD

And yep, Ajeeta is actually the manager. Jack is the owner. He's actually stolen her workload. Technically Jack could just sit back and leave it all to her. But he can't cuz he's Jack.
@HornyGayBoy: Impressive! You've really been paying attention! :O
@I likea his haira: LOL! This would be perfect... if it weren't for the fact that his dad is there.
@Guest: Unfortunately for Avery, the ones with the best recipes are Joe, Reece and his mum.
@Quadrant: No, it'll be a while before you see his parents.