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Hmm there's not really much to say about me. I work full time but want to get my comic out regularly at least 2 days a week so I'm BUSY! Heh... hmmm... what else?
I like watermelon. Erm, and coffee. And video games. Although I don't get the chance to play them as much as I would like. My 3DS is awesome cuz I get to play stuff on the bus to work and I'm currently playing Fantasy Life on it.

I have a tumblr on which I post World Apart updates, sneak peeks and occasional drawings. And I may occasionally post NSFW stuff. Maybe.

I also have a Deviant Art where I'll sometimes do the same

I tend to be on the tumblr more.
@Johanobesus: Jack didn't say anything, Avery just left. And Avery is in the hall way outside of Jack's apartment in that top panel.
@JesBelle: If only he'd thought of the third option, it's would have streamlined this chapter.
@I likea his haira: He never learns.
@Quadrant: Jack is pretty logical, by and large.

...well for one of my characters at least XD
@Arcane Allusion: He is a lunatic XD
@JesBelle: It's calling out to you.

Aww thanks I'm glad you like it so much. :D It's nice to hear comments like that because sometimes it feels like I'm writing and drawing in a void and wondering if all the time and effort is worthwhile. But I do have a handful of regulars like yourself that comment and make me feel like 'no, I'm not wasting my time after all.'

That said, I love your snarky comments, and my other readers do too.
@Arcane Allusion: Fight it Jack!
@I likea his haira: Scary!
@Gust: He's being stronger than Callum and Owen... but the force is strong with Avery...
@Quadrant: 3...2...1...*rageangryshoutinggrrr*
@Quadrant: nah no cultist there. yet. lol

Oh there are cultists in Liverpool. There's a branch in almost every city XD I've yet to introduce the Liverpool ones though.
@Arcane Allusion: Yep, and a kind of subconscious acknowledgement of his power.
@Gust: see above comment! the @ doesn't seem to work for guest posts
@Stances : @gust : There is "criteria" (if that's the right word) that has yet to be explored in the comic. But it can be guessed at quite easily I think. (But that's easy for me to say)
And to clarify it isn't always sexual attraction, but it is an attraction, or even a type of love. For example a completely straight man may find himself 'attracted' to Avery but it won't be a sexual attraction due to Avery being a dude.
Someone in a deeply committed relationship with someone else might be attracted, but it wouldn't take over their personality (not unless Avery got more powerful) so if they're not the type to act on it then they wouldn't act on it. Like Joe with Richey. Or like Callum initially holding back because he valued his friendship with Owen. That's why people don't constantly throw themselves at the boys. Most people have self control.
Ryan doesn't.
@Arcane Allusion: You'll see, Avery's terrible choices. XD
@Quadrant: Avery thinks he can.
@I likea his haira: I don't think Smack Jeeves will let me.
That's not a bad idea.

He mentioned it already in the blog entry that related to the police visit. um wait, i'll grab it: ing-in-depth-here

But yeah, he's got all sort abilities he has yet to discover. They both do. It's their personalities and experiences that decides what they learn. If Avery hadn't tried to jump off a building, he wouldn't have found out he can do what he did. Ditto for Richey's desperation when faced with the police.
@Kevin_Redcrow: He can dish it out but he can't take it.

Avery fucking LOVES his new mode of travel and all the conveniences it provides!
@JesBelle: They're not nice, but they're not breaking the law.