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Hmm there's not really much to say about me. I work full time but want to get my comic out regularly at least 2 days a week so I'm BUSY! Heh... hmmm... what else?
I like watermelon. Erm, and coffee. And video games. Although I don't get the chance to play them as much as I would like. My 3DS is awesome cuz I get to play stuff on the bus to work and I'm currently playing Fantasy Life on it.

I have a tumblr on which I post World Apart updates, sneak peeks and occasional drawings. And I may occasionally post NSFW stuff. Maybe.

I also have a Deviant Art where I'll sometimes do the same

I tend to be on the tumblr more.
@Hawkflame: People have to meet his very strict criteria.

(They have to pay him enough)
@Quadrant: You should be able to see it now. I made it available to the wrong tiers because I am an idiot. It did confuse me how you were able to see it before.
@Quadrant: I don't understand. You posted a comment on page 670!
@I likea his haira: He doesn't look as chavvy now as he did when he was younger.
@Quadrant: I know, I've answered the same question from you about 4 times. XD
See 6th comment down ;p
Happy New Year!
@Bl is my life: 666 the number of the beast
Hell and fire was spawned to be released
@Quadrant: There is genuinely no way for me to reply to this comment. Other than the way I just replied. So that was a lie.
@JesBelle: One persons smooth is another persons deranged.
@I likea his haira: Those bastards. Were you hoping for bloodshed? To be fair to them, thay wanted it too.
@Quadrant: Well... I gotta say, I didn't intend them to be dicks. More of a loose 3 leaf clover type of pattern that was quick and easy to draw. But if you wanna see dicks, who am I to stop you.
@JesBelle: How dare anyone suck it but Ryan.
@me: He's like HMPH I'M MORE WORTHY.
@Quadrant: It is, but its not as simple as previously thought. I mean, I'm no expert but as far as I can gather there's no reason why their parents can't have kids with 3 different eye colours.
@Quadrant: What do you mean the eye colour is off? Do you mean genetically? You cant accurately predict eye colour y'know.
Soz, this was meant to go out this morning but i accidentally set the time for 11:00pm instead of am. Happy Christmas, hope you're all enjoying your day!
@Quadrant: These people:
@JesBelle: it doesn't take much.