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Hmm there's not really much to say about me. I work full time but want to get my comic out regularly at least 2 days a week so I'm BUSY! Heh... hmmm... what else?
I like watermelon. Erm, and coffee. And video games. Although I don't get the chance to play them as much as I would like. My 3DS is awesome cuz I get to play stuff on the bus to work and I'm currently playing Fantasy Life on it.

I have a tumblr on which I post World Apart updates, sneak peeks and occasional drawings. And I may occasionally post NSFW stuff. Maybe.

I also have a Deviant Art where I'll sometimes do the same

I tend to be on the tumblr more.
@Negi: lol! I love how this shocks you. I know rich is a lazy bum, but when roused, he can move!
@Guest: Shh... Avery's not supposed to know this, but Callum already knows, thats why he brought it up.
@JesBelle: Ok... this comment is really old. I just found it doing 'research' for a thing.

BUT - All this time I thought Heinz Beans were American! The things I learn.
@Stances: of course I don't mind! I never mind flattering comments!
@AngryAngel: aww thank you <3 Thing definitely aren't going to go well, but then I do like to torture my poor characters.
@Arcane Allusion: You're not wrong, Callum actually does know. He's not as dumb as avery thinks.
@funkdaddy: Thanks, I had to find a way to make him look a little different even though its that same guy.

My friend also made the same suggestion back when @Quadrant made this comment a while back. Great minds thinking alike and all that.

I will quote you what I told my friend in the email: "It's (the pigeon) there but it doesn't have the cognitive ability to try to communicate with Richey. It probably doesn't even know that it's stopped being a pigeon. Pigeons aren't that bright, y'know. Plus Richey's intelligence and rationality would override any inexplicable urge to shit on the balcony." (or statue)
@Arcane Allusion: poor cal indeed, good on him for fighting back.
@sstogner1: Come clean, Avery? You know he'll choose the least sensible course of action, right? XD
@JesBelle: Technically he's watching Avery run towards him, and smiling.

Actually, I don't think I have surprisingly!
@Quadrant: Oh well yeah, but there are always bed noises coming out of Owen's room. Avery was lucky to find no-one already in there with him.

Its prob cos its in beta.
Its not the settings, I checked that.
@Kevin_Redcrow: Avery worship leaves little time for hair washing.
@Quadrant: They're as quiet as those two idiots can realistically be.