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Explosion Force
A weird quirk in the space/time structure of the universe lead to the creation of a man, who has now made many people believe that he is absolutely insane. His mind is now shattered into multiple persona, and his only escape from his dark and twisted world is through the action of art. Gone to a college somewhere in a large city trying to develop his style, this "being" takes on the challenge of doing hard cell animation. He now plans on showing the electronic world known as "The Internet" what stories he has to offer in the vain attempt of making himself feel understood and quite possibly... loved. "So let me take you on a ride, 'cause this is Marvel, baby!"
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    Evan James
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Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh Shit... Duck and Cover Kids, this is going to be bad.
Crap, I've seen some powerful R.O.U.Ss in my time, but this Raticate takes the cake.
There is still the slim possibility for a double battle. Ya know, wishful thinking.
I smell a double battle~!
Aw damn it, Atty knows that this is going to end in a bloody mess.
If only we were able to do this in the games. So much time could have been saved not fighting these chumps.