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Thank you for your story. Thank you for the closure.
Damn you Ryan! Why you do this to our girl?!
Aww! Will miss you if you leave! Can you link us to your Tapastic when you get all set up?
YEEEESSS!! I love the song choice! If you picked a Nicki Minaj song, us "older" readers may not know it.
I can see their differences here:
@warren1965: It would be great to see Joshua and Sooch side by side so we can see their differences. I seriously can't tell them apart.
@warren1965: this is Joshua, not Sooch. I get confused as well. They look similar to me.

Edit: refer to this page where he introduces himself to the girls.
October 9th, 2015
I'm so happy seeing these frequent updates lately!
September 14th, 2015
I clicked your tumblr link on your profile and it didn't work. :(
@sharkbaitsenpai: You're very welcome! I was lucky that I had the page open in my phone and was able to save it for you! :)
Ooh poor Aki. I feel that he's concerned that Kaidou may lose his job the same way as he did. I'm going to hope that Nakajima won't use this information for anything bad.
Why are so many hot guys dicks? Eden is a Mr Hotty McDouche.
WHY IS SHE SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT? She's even sitting bitch seat, too. Nice friend you are Dalia, can't make room in the front? Lol
My life is nearly complete after seeing Takashi getting a handjob.
Welcome back Sharky! We've missed you! Hope you had an amazing vacation! <3
Oh to be in that car with Katsuo and listening to him sing. Tonomi you are a lucky girl. Don't be the one in the song, go on and be his! Lol
Maddie- I love that you put so much love into your pages so it's ok that each comic doesn't have an upload a day. We're very spoiled with the daily posts, so it's ok if you have to alternate. Heck, it'll be ok if even posted just once a week! I'd follow you no matter how often you updated.
I love their banter. Arco seems like such a happy guy and the Brynn the sourpuss. Lol. I'm looking forward to seeing his walls come down to let Arco in.
Can I be that stuffed Orca? Please and thank you.
You know, Mary... Saying "I didn't even get any sleep" puts ideas in people's heads. *wink*wink*