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Some weird Pokemon obsessed gay dude who makes comics about space pirates, superheroes and prostitutes.
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First page! I hope you'll enjoy this BotW fan comic. It's mostly about Zora! All of this is rather loosely based on the canon story, though, so keep that in mind. uwu Who is this strange Hylian talking to? Maybe he's just crazy.
@Auldr: Thank you so much! I'm super motivated to finish it so I'm sure I'll get there eventually! It's not going to be super long anyway. Or that's the goal, but knowing me it's probably gonna be longer than I thought.
@Auldr: Thank you so much! I love playing around with lighting. I'm still experimenting to find 'the right' style but I'm very glad to hear you like it <3
@kagaribi: Thank you for your supportive message!! You're honestly way too kind! I do have a Ko-Fi and setting up a Patreon, but it's for my cosplays. If I ever set up Ko-Fi or Patreon for my comics I will be sure to post it here! Thank you so much though. I really appreciate the support <3
@memoryERROR-13: I'm so glad you think it was worth it <3 I hope the upcoming pages will live up to your expectations <3
@Eyrist: Thank you so much <3 It means a lot
New chapter!
A good way to start of the new chapter, right? We've had the sketch for this page lying around for ages, haha. Please let us know if you're hyped for the comic to continue! Comments are really appreciated <3
@Eyrist: aaa thank you it makes me so happy that you're excited for the comic! If you want you can check out my other comic, since I won't be working on this one until I finished it. ^^
We're back!
We're back, finally! Read our latest news for more info. Here's finally an actual cover!
@Eyrist: Hiya! Thank you so much. This comic is very old but I still love the concept so I will one day turn in into a comic. But I have two other comics planned first, so it's gonna take a long while before I continue on this one. One day though!
@YaoiAddict69: we might continue on this soon ;)
Omg this comic is just great! Idk why it doesn't have more fans. The art style and characters are so nice.
Who dis?
Who even knows how to draw space cars? Me neither.
First page! How does one draw strip clubs? Who knows? Not me...
@martathecat102: thank you! Glad you like it. Yeh he has a boyfriend. His name is Laurence haha.
I literally worked on this for over a week. You better comment on it and appreciate it. Worship me.
will dmitriy's jacket ever return to him?? to be continued...
@Platycarpus: scars what scars I don't know what ur talking about