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Some weird dude who makes comics about gay space pirates and super heroes.
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@YaoiAddict69: we might continue on this soon ;)
Omg this comic is just great! Idk why it doesn't have more fans. The art style and characters are so nice.
Who dis?
Who even knows how to draw space cars? Me neither.
First page! How does one draw strip clubs? Who knows? Not me...
@martathecat102: thank you! Glad you like it. Yeh he has a boyfriend. His name is Laurence haha.
I literally worked on this for over a week. You better comment on it and appreciate it. Worship me.
will dmitriy's jacket ever return to him?? to be continued...
@Platycarpus: scars what scars I don't know what ur talking about
Also, check out Dmitriy's new character profile on the character page!
So thats the story of Dmitriy breaking his nose... Again. Also I hope its obvious there was a time skip. Putting "Later..." on it feels kinda cheesy so.
I'm glad you're so open about this! I'll definitely try to be careful. I really didn't know drawing for longer periods could lead to this. So thanks for the heads-up! I hope you'll recover soon and that you'll be able to keep drawing. It's good to have this as a motivation! I was stuck in a hospital for a long time and have been homeless and poor and all that stuff, but my comics kept me going too. I couldn't stop dreaming about working on them again. It is so amazing when you can finally do what you wanna do! Keep it up!
@Guest: Thanks for the tips! :) Currently it's hard to avoid them cos all of my housemates smoke but I'll have my own place soon. It'll be ok!!
@raephium: Sorry to hear. ): It really does suck, but I am so very proud of myself for achieving the things I have so far. I got out of the mental hospital, I will get my own house soon, I managed to buy a laptop and tablet with my own money... And I quit doing things for money that I shouldn't be doing. And I've learned to live with myself a little more too. :) Sometimes overcoming something rly hard can be the best gift.
@yasha.queen: u are very wise, unlike me.
Hello friends!! As promised, UPDATE!! I am so glad to be back after being poor and homeless and shit. But my new laptop and tablet are amazing and I can't wait to finish more pages. I've also continued working on my comic Drones, in case you're interested.. It's very gay and scifi.
@Queenofpeace: he's the cutest of all. also thanks, so are we!!
@Nicoli: thank you!! We have finally started working on the comic again and we will be updating regularly from now on. :)
Hiya! Guess what? I have finally RETURNED. Lots of shit happened unfortunately, which is why I've been inactive for a really long time, but I finally bought a laptop and a tablet pen and I'll be updating regularly again from now on! Looking forward to posting more!

Also, YES I started over again. I just have so many great ideas for this comic I can't help it.
Idk how long this comic is gonna be. Kinda just wanted to make this as some kind of pride comic, while experimenting with a manga influenced technique. Also, square pages!