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Phew! Glad to hear from you!
@blankd: Glad to hear you are alright! I got scared there for a bit ^^; Hope whatever it is that has been making things difficult for you blows over or gets better soon. I myself had some issues with my artwork (don't do comics though) as my drawing has dropped to barely anything due to college crap and just not really having time for it with everything else going on. It has gotten a bit better over time once I got some stuff balanced out so I hope things work out for you in whatever is going on in your life at the moment too.

This comic is really awesome (I adore Raz and all of them <3 ) and am so psyched to see what happens next! >w< I am sure whatever you have planned for this comic will be great and you will be able to do it when you are a bit more relaxed and have the time to do so :3

Good luck!
I wanna find out what happens next so bad.. It has been a year and I am getting worried. Are you okay? Are you still drawing/writing and such or did something bad happen?
I love them <3 I want to know everything about these two! OwO
Happy Chip is happy <3 So cute..
I love this page so much lol
Keep it up! :D
Yay! Update! :D I can't wait to see what is gonna happen when Herz gets down there and why Herz didn't pick him up sooner. Keep up the great work and hope you figure out your new program/laptop so it is easier for you. We all love your work and I know it can be hard to get motivated sometimes (I myself have ADHD which is a bitch to deal with as a college student and a double science major X_X) but we are all rooting for you :3
@Crimson Chains: Glad to see an update! Got done with my own finals not too long ago as well. Hope you did well :) Btw did I ever mention how much I like the shiny-ness and the shading/light-work in your art? :3 It is awesome and looks really cool!
@Rakewn: I live in Ohio, the place where you can get a sunburn and frostbite in the same week XD This made me laugh pretty hard. Especially considering how in recent years there have been random days where it got into double-digit negatives for windchill >_> Damn climate change screwing up the jet stream...
@Rakewn: lol don't worry, I have the same problem with my projects sometimes (ADHD and all). Hell, I have a book review I need to do by 5pm tomorrow and I haven't even gotten the book yet! :D

btw I am in college >_> lol

Also, I haven't commented in awhile and thought I would add that I really love how the new pages are turning out. Your art style is awesome and the work you put into it is worth the wait :) Keep up the great work!
Boring? Uh, no >_>
@*milk+assassin*: I personally like the comic :( It doesn't have to have naked dudes constantly or anything like that to be entertaining or make me want to read more (or even be fangirl worthy as it is pretty awesome as is). I would love to learn more about the world and Herz's family and the nature of his abilities as that is really interesting to me and has been a mystery so far. I like the interactions between him and his friends and family too and I would definitely love to see more of it and explore their relationships with one another ^^

If you really think it is getting boring (which I don't think it is tbh) I know some comic writers on smack jeeves will switch their art to a more simplified (not colored in as much or something) as to get pages out faster and move the story along. I love the art so far but if you feel it gets to that point that is an option. You don't need to change the story to keep it interesting and I love it so far. Keep up the good work :)
@Crimson Chains: That explains a lot! Thank you so much! I am really happy this series is still going on. I was worried there for a bit ^^; Thanks
When will this series continue? TnT I want to see more and find out what happens next but it appears to have been months since the last page was posted (have been checking back waiting for another but it has been awhile).. I love it so far and would love to see it continue <3
Finally caught up! I hadn't followed up in awhile cuz I didn't know if this was gonna end up being a story or not (I added it and saw it last when there were only the first few images and posters up and no comic or anything). I can't believe how many new pages and stories have been added since then! Love it so far and will definitely be checking for new pages more often now!
I love the comic so far! I have been following it for awhile now but thought I should finally drop a comment and let you know that. I also noticed how you spelled "crisis" as "crysis". Idk if that is just a different spelling or something but wanted to point it out ^^' Keep up the awesome work!
lol I love this comic <3 Raz is so awesome >w<
What an asshole
@shyna: Wow, that is pathetic. You just wasted all that time just being a b***h about something you claim to not care about or wanted to read in the first place? That is sad. Also, most of the bullshit you spouted doesn't even make sense either. You don't seem to know wtf you are talking about or maybe you are projecting your own thoughts onto someone else's work as you probably have a lot of problems you are just looking to bitch about.

For one, Taisuke is sexually conflicted/confused. He is having issues in figuring out and coming to terms with his sexuality and he cares deeply about his friend he has known for 16 years so far. He got pissed at that girl because she was being judgmental and mean to his best friend and Hiro means more to him than anyone so yeah, he told her they were through and to fuck off. He doesn't want someone like that in his life anyway since Hiro is a big part of his life. Also, the biblical bullshit you claim is "evidence" I would like to recommend that you shove that up your ass where you pulled it from as this is a story and world that is created by the writer and s/he can do wtf they want with it (and to be honest it would be a pretty boring story if all the characters were perfect and all the demons were just evil and it was all black-and-white crap). Also, angels are not described much in the bible and to be honest they are never even said to have wings in the first place so all the stories and illustrations you ever see of angels are technically not aligned with your bullshit "biblical evidence". That was iconography made by artists later on, not by the bible's actual description or any of that crap. Actually know wtf you are talking about before you spout that shit.

Another thing, Hiro cares about Taisuke because he loves him and Taisuke has been kind to him since they were little and did his best to show him the world when no one else would. He isn't being abused by Taisuke and has never been hurt or verbally abused by him in any way. He cares about him and the reason he does not care for his father or what happens to hell is because he loves Taisuke in a way that he wouldn't leave his side no matter what. Hiro himself calls for Taisuke when the guy tries to have him come back because he doesn't want to leave. Taisuke just stands up for him and states that for similar reasons.

Back to the girlfriend thing, Hiro didn't want to make Taisuke unhappy and he has said that he is willing never to tell him about his feelings as long as he can stay by his side and they can be happy together. He doesn't want to mess up Taisuke's happiness or burden him as Taisuke has already been so kind to him and does so much for him in the first place. He has individuality and there is much more to Taisuke's character but you just don't seem to care about any of that and just want to bitch and insult something you don't even know anything about. Just fuck off you giant sentient fart and go find somewhere else to troll >_>
Don't give up because some people are a$$holes!
@Crimson Chains: I think his character is pretty interesting and I read him more as someone who is conflicted and confused about his own sexuality and cares very deeply about his friend/love interest even though he may have those conflicting feelings about them. He is growing and it is a difficult thing for him to come to terms with/accept and to be honest it is understandable. I don't think he is unlikable at all and to be honest I don't agree with the whole religious argument (if that is what people had mentioned, idk I didn't see the original comment) either. Angels don't all have to be perfect and demons don't all have to be evil. I honestly like that they are more like people/cultures rather than just black-and-white good and evil bullcrap because it makes it much more interesting. They are people, and some people have trouble with their sexuality (Taisuke), some people can be annoying/jerks but still give a damn about some things (Ryo), and some people are shy and have trouble admitting to the person they love that they love them (Hiro). There are sides, sure but it isn't because they are all robots but rather they are different species and have cultural and biological reasons as to why these conflicts/feelings are around.

I will have to find this comment just so I can reply to the person and give them a piece of my mind! (as well as be able to discuss their points more in-depth and such). Don't give up because some people are assholes. I don't know how long ago this occurred or if this is still relevant but I honestly am enjoying this story a lot so far and hope that you don't falter as much in the future should the trolls and assholes of the world decide to stop by to drop a comment. Keep it up! :)
@Conversion: I had the same feeling. He seemed evil/like he had a dark side from the first time I saw him >_> He reminds me of a cult-ish sort of person..
When is the next update going to be? I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I have been looking forward to the next pages for almost a month now and am wondering if everything is okay. TnT I didn't see anything on the comments or DeStress's main page saying you were taking a break or that updates were going to change so I just thought I would ask...

I hope everything is okay..
Is Slon's tail wagging? >w< Did I mention how adorable he is? Can't wait to see their reactions.