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@Ashfall: I do plan to but there have been some printer issues and right now I don't know when that will be happening precisely.
@FCM: It's a veil.
@dmr11: Sorry about that! All fixed now.
@Maria: Like most names in Majestani culture it has multiple meanings and the meaning can change depending on what language it's referenced from. Corn cob is the most common meaning of the word but it can also mean golden/lucky or bountiful harvest. Corn cob is also a common term of endearment for children or sweethearts (sort of like 'honey' in English), so while the name does have deeper meaning to it his parents also kind of just liked the name because it was adorable.
@Maria: No, that's just the way their birth order played out. Soul-bound guards are typically born within about five years of the Dream Keeper they're bonded to but there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to whether they're older or younger or how many guards there are of each age.
@Maria: From oldest to youngest:

Tatami- 27
Zatachi - 27
Gozazi - 25
Paollo - 25
Vamuro - 23
Tusura - 23
@Livin4thelamb: They are the colors of the Russian and Indian flags but the patterns do not particularly correspond to those flags.
@Benn: That's not a bad theory but I made a mistake in coloring that guy's tongue so it IS supposed to be colored like a Feyn's. Your theory is still valid, it's my bad that you didn't have the correct information, I'll fix it later.
@Cuttlefish3011: Yes! The Korean water deer, I love them! :D Eludere goes by female pronouns.
@Xel Unknown: He understands, but he doesn't want to.
@BeepBeepMeepMeep: It's a mistake, but it should be fixed now!
@Novanto: Technically yes, in that Odette is one of the handful of people who have had access to possibly the last remaining copies in existence. This is not a reference Paollo would understand.
@Guest: Continuity error! All fixed now. :)
@Hamster22: It is not necessary to read either Archipelago or City of Somnus before the other. CoS takes places five years after Arch, and both series share a few characters and references to each other, but I don't intend to put anything in CoS that won't make sense if you didn't read Arch.
@Xel Unknown: The Dynn monster or the gefiti food that Gozazi brought and dropped?
@dracone: the 'gefiti' snack that Gozazi brought along (and subsequently dropped after being tacked by Zatachi).
@Livin4thelamb: Yes but I can't reveal it yet.
@#1TatamiFan: He likes to be tall.
@DrYoshi: Yes I am the same author and this is THAT Prince Paollo. It's going to be its own full series though so reading Archipelago beforehand will not be necessary.
@BiZaRe Pistachio: Tatami knows it can't understand him, he just feels honor bound to take a non-threatening stance and make non-threatening noises at the beast in hopes it will decide to leave on its own rather than deal with him.