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Same here.
No Kim is!
caverumblologists is not a word according to google.
Your a Tomboy Queen?
No they said 80s the Sentai Butchring Abomination that is Power Rangers didn't start until the 90s when it started butchering mid 90s sentai Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. Though jetman was almost butchered instead.
Peter! XD
I am afraid of Dogs!
alot of awesome!
Is she
Is Kim a tomboy? I can hope.
At least she didn't say eat
one of the ice cream pokemon.
Chameleon's in the original japanese are lizard.
I believe
Everyone's at least a little crazy.
This comic will last longer then the Kanto part.
if anything
Atty should make out with George.
@Vee: a Tomboy in a dress.
Jenny's not my type
a grown up george would be.
He's either Team rocket or Gym Leader, Elite 4, or Champion
November 10th, 2018
awesome anime song
Tomboys aren't supposed to care about looks.
Oh no!
Don't make me remember thhe time I found Pokemon Furry on fscebook.I also found a picture of yuys from Yugioh Arc-V raping Yuzu! On facebook a different day. *Shivers*