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Hi, I'm Vivian. I'm a teenage girl living in California! I love to draw, write, and sing. I'm not that good of an artist so I'm sorry if my comics suck.
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God, it's been way too long. I am so sorry QAQ
Ally's about to go apeshit on this guy.
As usual, sorry for the hiatus, but I had school and such. And I was trying to improve on my art style. Sorry guys ^^;;;;
Sorry for the long wait. I've been having a really hard time with life.
I'm really sorry for being so inactive. I've just been very busy with school!
Wild Cards Debut
Finally, I start off the Wild Cards Series. We start off in the peaceful Deck City,where it is once again being raided by a Tarot. And nothing starts a good comic with one of the characters being smashed into concrete and spilling out a curse word. 8D

Back from Hiatus!
Hey guys! So I'm back from Vietnam and continuing DtB. Isn't that great?!


Sorry about the long month wait.

Well, here's the latest page of DtB. Anyway, I got something to tell you. On June 19, I will be leaving for Vietnam for a summer vacation. I should be back in the middle of July, so the comic will be in another month long hiatus
Omg, the feels in this page QAQ
*Insert new character music* Three new characters have been added to your comic!
Now I wonder who that can be?
Okay, so about the big boss with his face hidden. Two reasons.

1) I wanted it to be a secret

2) I have yet to finalized his design >_<;;;
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
And now we see Victor =u=
Clara's gonna find out if he yells loud enough O_O
My Manga Gray Scale
Okay, so I finally finalized my gray scale and I shall stick with it.
Duke in his mission clothes OuO
Somewhat. I hadn't realized it until after I made the idea.