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i am a pretty shy person. I like French Vanilla cappuccinos.
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Woww. This makes me wanna pick up on my lame coloring skills hahaha. Well done :)
That's gorgeous.
This artwork is well done. I love the details :)
aahhh Alice is so adorable, being bashful hahah
@Ta Moe: Honestly, I really like Manga Studio. I can't wait to try it out whenever I can hahah :)
I also have Manga Studio and I wanna test it out as well. I really like how you're trying out different styles to your comic :)
I like the coloring!
Hahaha, poor Phoebe.
Aww she's so short.
Yeah, I like the NSFW with your drawing. Really up to you.
Okay. Yes, I can understand the lost. Hope all goes well for you.

Internet dating? Awww, but she needs the natural woo-ing. Hahah.
Hahah. that's sweet of him.
I hope youre doing okay with the family tragedy...

Phoebe is so cute. I hope she finds herself girlfriend. ;;