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that gonna mentally scar both N and if the larvesta sees it, the newborn as well
i have a suspicious feeling that hes gonna use too much power in the attack
hes been shaken, as in startled, stunned, ect
a death and a new life...interesting
gods, hes freaking out...
ah...officer magnezone, we meet again
archimedes? ...MEDIIC!
MEDIC! ((personally, for TF2, i use quick fix, solemn oath and... that triple combo that they have for those 2 items
ouch... rollout?
hmm... something seems wrong...
i cant tell what though
sturdy+ metal burst = not being able to take what you dish out
sh-shoot the flying demon!
his partner? would it be, perhaps, the ther colored kecleon?
hmm... bastodion and ninjask? hmm...
rollout? gengar probably has levitate...
good thing it hit his face and not his legs...
omanite might know ice beam...
the pikachu looks creepy in that kind of tense atmosphere...
the sun is rising metaphorically...the sunrise signifies change and new beginnings... like what has happened to least, that's what I believe
I predict disasster... but, when you're a fatalist like me, you always predict disaster...