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I enjoy Superheroes and shipping. (Of pretty much anyway gender combination)Disney, Doctor Who, British Folklore (though Folklore of other cultures is also enjoyed), Harry Potter, Sailor Moon...and lots of other stuff.

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    Bethney A. Ray
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Surprise update.
I was feeling a little down a while back. Then I got busy with other stuff. Then the computer monitor broke, so, that had to get replaced. So all that in between the migraines has made this page a long time coming.

I'm just going to try a page a week.
No update this Friday just like the past two weeks. (Sorry) March has been a month where I've been busy and ill.
See you Monday (hopefully.)
Phew, it looked like I wasn't going to make this update for a moment there. Luckily I forget I cut corners everywhere to speed through everything.
See you Friday.
Not much to say about this one.
I've been suffering from some killer migraines all weeks and need to have a nap.
I'm not sure if page 14 will be ready by Monday, but we'll see. Also, if you would like to pop some questions in my ask directed at either me or a character feel free to do so;
Finished Mass Effect 2. Awaiting Mass Effect 3.
I'd say Garrus is my favourite but EVERYONE'S favourite is Garrus.
See you on Monday...probably. The Iron Giant is on Toonami Aftermath on Sunday, I'm not sure how much will get done.
Lets never do full colour again.
Mages are pretty interesting. Not many are Superheroes. They're more like Superpowered Detectives/Diplomats/Immigration Officers. They're kind of like the M.I.B Only instead of aliens they deal with magical creatures.
I think Monday's update might be a day late.
But we'll see. The weekend is still young.
Next week we meet the Violent Enchanter and his boyfriend Rowan.

See you on Monday (Maybe Tuesday if I am ill over the weekend or something.)
A 'stay in the kitchen' joke would be inappropriate to make towards Mrs.Elysian. Any cops show up she bust some caps in some asses.
She's a true gangsta I promise you.
This page took me longer than I thought it would. Even though it's basically just Danton talking.
See you on Friday.
Oh, also, new font.
@kayree: Yes?
See you on Monday.

Lol who am I kidding no one reads this.
I really should draw a floor plan of the Elysian's home/office just so you understand this room has two doors (one that leads to the hall, the other leads to the kitchen)
No windows though. I figured putting windows in your secret villain office was a bad idea. The neighbours are probably already suspicious enough mysterious figures in nice suits keep showing up throughout the day. Though they probably assume it has something to do with S&M and hookers.
Actually quite proud of that explosion.
I tried to colour this with copics, which isn't so bad but I think this style is a bit to simplistic for my crazy detail colouring. -Anyway, I haven't had a working grey copic for a while now, so I was like "Fuck it, Martha would have a pink bazooka. She'd have a pink everything. Everything she owns is pink."
I'm sure everyone who hates pink is going to hate Martha now.
Pencils and charcoal don't scan well do they? Of course the first page in my comic is a mess.
Proof I can never be happy. XD
This comic will be updating every day for a week, just to get it up and running. Covers don't count though, so the first page will be up shortly. The colouring technique will be really different from page to page, because I'm finding out what work best.
He is their queen now.