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Eeh, so, I'm a yaoi fan, I like J-Rock, most music in general actually, old movies, especially black and white ones, anime, manga, drawing, writing stories, reading, um... There's more stuff... Can't think right now...

I draw yaoi/shounen-ai/BL comics, but they tend to also have heterosexual hints or subplots. I mean, girl's are much more fun to draw then men yeah.

You Have Problems: A comedy about the weirdoes at a school, how they take control, and how they start to lose control. BL, some het stuff. ACTIVE

Just A Little Less Than Human: A dystopic drama about a group of criminals who are not quite human, and their revenge on those who made them that way. Yaoi, some het, will be mature. ACTIVE

You Need To Mend It: A modern fairytale about a poor emo boy and his broken heart that must be fixed. BL some het. BEING RE-VAMPED, NOT ACTIVE.

The Adventures of The Remnant Brothers: A collaboration fancomic for the movie FFVII: Advent Children. Cracky, yaoi. Lotsa yaoi, a little het. WILL BE ACTIVE SOON.
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Is it very bad that the first thing I noticed about this was the boobs? >_>

This is really gorgeously drawn though.
Lol, Gail's expression.

Is it just me or does Tabitha sound doubtful in her thoughts? Probably just me...
I like how the quality keeps lessening...
I'm sad to say the pencil's looked best for this page.

If you can't read anything give a shout and I'll put up what it says.

Sorry this is so slow, school is literally killing me.

What it says:
Leslie: And Besides... I am straight after all.
Adrianna: Yeah sure, whatever man. You're totally straight.
You do know it's raining, right Leesi?
...That's how I'd react to cinnamon roll sale at my school. :D
Mmm, Innuendo flavored ice cream.
The Dark Knight has brought out my inner Batman fantard.

Adrianna seems a bit uncomfortable in Poison Ivy's clothes, and Leslie apparently isn't impressed by Two-Face. At least Cael's happy.

Colored with SAI.

Why must you tease me with the straight girls?
Not coloring next few pages. To save time.
Lol, procrastination much?
Aah, it appears I wasn't the first one to recognize the song. XD

This is amazing by the way. >_<
Currently Downloading.

This has totally made my... life.

Edit: Yes for killing bitches. I'm gonna play as Graham Young. FTW.
...Gail looks sexy in the last panel.
I used to have blue hair!
Wow, that made me crack up.

Isn't Cael cute in the top panel?

These pages are kind of old, I drew them before the forced hiatus.
Blue lipstick. <3

Adrianna looks very pretty on this page.
I really like Anna for some reason. Hm...
That dude looks a lot like my older brother. Who is an evil genius.