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I like anime, manga and all that amazingness! And I love to draw as well as write One Piece and Bleach fanfictions and fanfictions from other animes!
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Omg a fellow One Piece fan?!
OAO Holy mother of all! A fellow One Piece fan. Dude you are amazing! One Piece is like the best anime and manga ever! (I'm a huge fan of Ace by the way :3)
Well then...
xD I do that sometimes (I'm no pedophile though) but I find it funny when kids go ask their parents what a certain word is such as sex for example! Lol.
Pffff! "I'll go get my keys." Oh I love it! If only I had an older sister to do stuff like that with! Hah... Your comics make me laugh and I really enjoy that. Plus ur voice is amazing btw...
I love it! Sanji is really cute I think that and I think that Daisuke might have a little crush and Sanji... :3 Fufufu... We shall see I can't wait for the next page! Keep up the good work :D (Btw your art work is amazing!)