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Rhyder you kind of deserved that
Last panel looks completely awesome, btw.

Also yes essays. Homework. It is a thing.

although I get to cheat a bit on waiting for the next comic, heh heh...
Aww, Rasjax is so fluffy! And...snarly.

"Oh hey a big scary wolf, let's make fun of it!"
:3 :3 :3
Yeah, I remember this page. It's still adorable.
Last panel: super awesome. I wish i knew how to draw fire. Or...anything, for that matter xD
And panel three, sleeping Ansel :3 I was starting to miss him.
D: D: noooo Rhyder
You're a derp but now you have all the sads
Hmm, I really like this scene, what with the dynamic cool lettering and all :o
It's a house! We like houses. Love the dark shading stuff going on in the last panel.
It means poor Rhyder :(
Yay, symbolism :D
Ooh. everything looks good here :o 'specially the blood.
Oh dear.

Wait, shit, I can't stop picturing the derpy eyes.
Yes yes yes it's the derpywolf page
I love this page
Um...not for any objectionable reasons. Sheophral sure knows how to sketch a brotha out.
This is so fabulous ahaha. Oh man.
Nothing to see here, folks. Except for DAT CLOAK.
The layout kicks ass :3
Derp wolf is coming for you in your sleeeeeep
Ooh, ripply :o
I really like your rose bush. Keep drawing plants, they're turning out awesome. Props to those oak leaves too.
Lookin' good.
Man I am so glad you like drawing trees because yes.
Yes. It is so beautiful.