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17 year old insomniac pixie going into college.
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'Suck at drawing cars' my ass. Yeah, and I'm a fucking two-headed leprechaun that pukes rainbows. I freaking WISH I could draw like that. Stop second guessing yourself, you're amazing. Can't wait to see what happens!
I've actually thought about that too. Like, I'd like my cannibal friend to feed me person without me knowing about either, then tell me later. But I wouldn't like, actively go look for someone to eat, or a cannibal to befriend. Weird? Mee? Naaawww.
I love it! This comic is beyond amazing! I hope college is going well and isn't eating you alive. Can't wait for the update!
His dream totally came to mind. He's not thinking about the photo shoot.
You okay love? I hope everything is going well for you. We're all dying to see how you're going to have the story progress. It's so addicting, and brilliant. I hope to hear from you soon!
Right in the feels...You broke me
Oh my god, I cannot wait for the next page. I'm completely obsessed with this comic, thank you for bringing my OTP to life so spectacularly! <3
I had been waiting (extremely unpaitently) for this, and I keep re-reading it! I'm dying for the next update. I can't wait! Asdfghjkl Sasu and Naru are so cute together!