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Damn. I haven't read this comic in over 2 years and it's still just as interesting as when I left off. Good job!
And a Reference is indeed there. I'd say, but that ruins the fun. :)
Well, I hope I can, and I hope you do well on your other comics.
Seriously guys, come on...
Even though it's been 2 months since the comic updated, I still want this comic to live. So here's what I'm sayin'. Just know that this is a submission so that more people see it better.

-If you aren't going to update alot (say possibly 1 per 3-4 weeks), then please make your sprites in BULK. I'd rather see a lot from one person on a single comic than a immense amount of singular sprites in, let's say, 50 comics. (quality over quantity)

-Please tell people about the comic (that actually care and are active on the sites, as in deviant Art and Smack Jeeves). I've been trying to get a request system started, but other than the one guy on deviant Art, I haven't gotten anything. Promote the comic in any way possible, but don't spam. (like a banner on a forum that links to the comic profile)

-If you like the comic and can sprite in the ways we want, please apply! I always say that if you failed, it at least meant you tried. If I do not like your sprites (as in they aren't up to my standards), then that just means you could improve. I'll most likely expand the comic to also allow Pokemon sprites.

-Finally, tell me if you have left SJ or not. Someone told me that MR sonicrouge had left SJ, but their profile didn't say they did, so they stayed in the comic but didn't do anything. Digi, though, had left SJ and the comic herself. If you are a part of the comic and are leaving, just leave a message (as a submission in the Specialities comic category) with your username in the title just to know who's leaving.

If you check SJ every few days/weeks, just PM me (ShadoxelVoxel) saying such things.
If I were to make a comic with Quint, I'd definitely use these sprites.
@hitkid96fan: Well, it probably isn't as infested. :S
@supersonic1009: Can you specify what about the heads that is wrong? I know what you mean by Oil Man's body, though I don't know if I really should change that.
So, because I was stupid and forgot to save my MM2 boss revamps (and I had a good looking Wood Man!), I decided to make to 2 other robot masters that were added to the mix when MM Powered Up came out. And I got Mega Man, too! (it sucks though) By the way, the original Time Man and Oil Man sprites were from the Mega Man 8 FC creators.
@Master_72: I have no idea how to respond to the shading, but i can probably answer your question about the shoes. Notice the levitating and sitting sprites - they have similar looking shoes. The first sprite could have been that Moon light madness forgot to finish the shoe.
Even though it's not Christmas (quite the opposite), I decided to make a robot master based on Frosty. He gives you the Scarf Sickle, which (if you have played Mega Man Christmas Carol, you'll know) works like the Future Scythe, but goes in a wavy pattern instead of a straight line.
@Djoing: I was bored...
But hey, at least this got done!
This sheet is for those who like DAVE with his MM7 head but still want the 8-bitness of the Mega comic.
I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS!!! (Credit Djoing plz)
Looking back on these now, I know how crappy these are. I will remake these into better sprites and see how they do.
@Master_72: I'd prefer them with ketchup, but seeing as that's not a SJ condiment, I'll take some criticism with them. And a large Coke, too.
@Moon light madness: Thanks! I'm going to make the Mega Man 2 robot masters after this.
My first upload to this place that I have loved forever. Please do criticize nicely...
...if that's possible. :I
@slasherchux8078: Well, you can find yourself the Glitch Orphanage and adopt a little glitch of your own. :)
The first one is 4 4Hy. The second one is Q ◣. The third one is ゥ▾ ゥ♂. The fourth one has no true name, but it is called Glitch (CA) on Bulbapedia. The last two should be known (but if you don't know, they are two versions of MissingNo.)
The original sprite is a remake I made on deviantArt. Here's the link:
This is the whole Hitmon family. There's also an extra dude named Hitmonchuck from a dude on deviantArt. Here's the link to the page: