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that was such a beautiful sequence. reminded me of spirited away. truly gorgeous

god i love this comic so much. I've been reading it for years, I'm always so excited when it updates. i just wish you got the recognition you deserve. i hope someday this will reach thousands of people. you're amazing
fuck wow. I've been following this since forever but i just reread it and holy shit. jojjo noo!! and swann too ugh *cries*
Are you back? *cries* Please please please
Yes!! So glad this is back!!!!!
oscar you little shit omg
and so he appears... dun dun DUN
wow that was intense. incredible. i really love this comic, you're wonderful
damn she's so cool
May 30th, 2014
what the fuck is going on. CLIFFHANGER AAAHHHH
ruh roh
Aww geez poor guy... so many scars :((
love this!! love the comic and love this guest comic omg baru is my FAVORITE!!
ow.. why
first comment! and aww gosh little assistant and wallis are adorable
@Eternal Cry: Nah, Seaweed is darker than Assistant but the little girl is the same color. Im like 99.98% sure its Assistant..
wow samekh is the best. new fav? i think so
this is great. but i really wanna see plan b now tooo!!