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I like anime and video games.

I also like money, which is probably why I'm trying to be a CPA.

Used to teach Tae Kwon Do for a living, but then stopped when I realized that I was doing full-time effort for less than part-time pay.

I'm currently a graduate student in Accounting.

Oh, I think I also draw things.
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@James Birdsong:

Yeah, the original scene was great... and that music!
Sorry for taking for forever, but I'm currently in the process of leveling up my art.

I've been painting a lot (of porn) the last week and it's pretty apparent that I've improved at a lot of things.

(the improvement can actually be seen in the varying quality of the new panels lol)

Should have a new page up by the end of the week.

Not gonna lie... it'll be a while lol

It's been 3 years, but I'm still crying about it lol.
Page 6 Update
Yeah, this is the actual final version of the brawl sequence. I wasn't satisfied with how it was paced originally, so I did a lot of editing.

Anyway, that's all for now.

I remember Cyber 2 Connect being interested in making the thing... kinda wish Capcom let them have a go at it since I really enjoyed Solatorobo.

Well, I'm in it for the long haul, so I hope you'll accompany me on this journey lol

Thanks for commenting.
Fish talking and saying not to panic...

I have this weird feeling that tragedy is about to strike.

Looking forward to reading more.
I like that the characters have this sense of ethnicity (?) to them.

I'm onboard and looking forward to more.

Keep up the good work!
I didn't live that dorm experience... it's possible I've missed out on a lot of things, but the convenience of being near college was godlike.

Anywho, I'm entertained and the illustrations are cute.

I'm onboard. Look forward to future comics.
I... I know this feel >_>

Criticism is hard, but you need to learn how to deal since it leads to improvement...

I hope I eventually learn how to deal lol
Yo... the setting is real interesting. I'm digging the retro sci-fi stuff.

I'm watching now. Keep up the good work.
I actually really like the idea of selling a futuristic product using... what appears to be advertising techniques from like the 50s or whatever.

Very cool.
@brightpath: Thanks a lot for your feedback. That said, the updates are actually going to go very slow momentarily because I'm now actually having someone draw the comic for me.

(my partner, Scruffy, is currently in the process of redrawing all 6 pages... the art is going to look substantially better)

I mostly just want to focus on writing, designing shots and doing PR lol

I hope you'll stick around for when the thing gets up and running agin.

PS. Sorry for the late reply... I'm still trying to figure out how to use this thing >_>
Youtube version of page here:
Youtube version:
See the youtube version of this page, here:

The shots are overly long and everything!
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Complete with overly long timing of shots!