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I am a bit of a mixed guy. I am a nerd, rather strong, I can draw, I play video games, read manga, and I don't really fit into any particular clique or whatever the heck it is at school, more of a lone wolf.
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    Ben C Costa II
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The difference in the enthusiasms of Atty and BugcatcherwhoISTILLwanttopunchintheface is quite funny.

Also, Thad doesn't have a right arm? :o I read the little message in the comic, and that's what I assumed, along with the sleeve.
Oh hey, it's the weird multicolor seahorses again! 8D And yay Okami poster! 8D
whoa, I REALLY need to learn more about your characters. Hadn't the slightest that Wynn was a girl. ._.""" Very awesome sword she has. :3

And you and Manny are quite the artistic duo.
hmm, Tobi ref in panel 3? And would I be correct in assuming that these are some more of your OCs just making cameos? XD

And aye, like Kid Garra said, I'd wager it'd be a Snorlax too... or maybe Kahn... or maybe... Gary Mother******* Oak. XD theeee... 25 or so year old Gary Oak, starved and crippled... and Atticus will just pass him by... XD i use ... too much methinks. XD
hmm, choice one for good, and choice three for bad. :3 very nice, and i'm sad because i've been neglecting this collab. D:
February 3rd, 2010
last chapter?!? An awesomely random comic of goodness like this can't end! it must keep going on and on and on and on into craziness and madness and Sparta... DO IT FOR SPARTA!... yeah, incessant ramblings. XD

Everything still looks quite awesome, and Talori looks quite bored.
oh my god! i can't believe i forgot about that old asshole! memories... freakin painful and aggravating memories. XD
noes, her wings! D8 and aye, I live in Phoenix, AZ, in the USA, and i'm not sure where it is in relation to the equator, but it is pretty cold here. around 40/50 F, but it's not unbearable.

Hope it cools down by you. :3
December 13th, 2009
"It's just a flesh wound!" XD
December 13th, 2009
... wait, she put her hoodie on, over her head, while it is a zipper hoodie... ?

XD just a little tidbit i noticed.
mmmmm, yummy Igneous flavored gelatin. XD

@overkill: he probably got water from the bottom of Lake Hylia, because it's coldest there, and was able to go down so deep because he's wearing blue, and then go into the volcano and make gelatin, because he's wearing red! XDD

never played any of the HM games myself.
HATE that.
aye, the English could use some tightening up, but it works very good as it is. :3
huh, never knew you had a comic or two on SJ as well. D8 i'm always the last to find out about shtuff. XD

looks interesting, and methinks i'll look into the other one *brainfart*.
December 8th, 2009
never noticed that one. XD
hate those people, equally with the ones that have their turn signal on for FREAKIN YARDS until they pass what you thought they would turn at, and keep on truckin, forever with their freakin turn signal on. DX<
XD this is one of the most random comics i've found, and it's quite funny.

Creative, even though every comic ends with FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- XD

oh, trust me, i've made a page for my would-be comic, The Seldom Heard Ballad of the Violin, but i took the page down due to lack of complete story *has a beginning, and a VERY good end methinks* and i have no experience in writing a love story, soo... -_-

looks good in color. :3
November 30th, 2009
huh... i think it's the length of Tim's head that makes it look odd to you. his smirk in the second panel looks fine, but i think i can see what upsets you in the third and fourth panels, with the wide open mouth laugh and smile and whatnot.
November 22nd, 2009
what the heck? i never saw this page! don't quite know how, but this is just funny as heck. XD poor Munn.