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Hi, I'm Redkirby. I like comics. That's really it.
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I just realized we've spent over a year on this current arc.

Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. The story's been really engaging, it's just amazing how time flies.
Rover was just waiting for Bowsette to become a meme so he could make this comic.
Something tells me things are going to get bad soon...
What, are you going to do Miracle Matter Soul?
Used your combined power, Kirby!
Meta Knight gets to be on the receiving end of exposition for once!
Poor Panee...

No wonder he's such a loner
Just saw that this comic currently has 1,001 readers. Congrats, BSX!
Meta Knight: Kirby! Kirby!

Kirby: What is it?

Meta Knight: I need your Wii.

Kirby: No! Why?

Meta Knight: uhh... I can't say it right now, but all will make sense eventually.

Kirby: Fine... Here you go.

Meta Knight: Heh heh... Sucker!
@Nashew: Probably the former, unless the latter also got transported to KDA somehow.
@Nashew: Seeing as how there's a KDA version of Master Green, probably.
It's pretty hard for ANYONE to die in the Kirbyverse. King Dedede gets whacked into the air constantly by Kirby with enough force to knock him out of his castle and he still manages to recover quickly.

@Gigi19972010 Also, congrats on the milestone!
Don't worry Luz. Having dead or missing parents is usually a sign that you're going to be a hero!
C'mon, stop stalling and just explain everything already!
This is a little off topic, but where in the Kirby-verse would Luz get sunglasses?
I think Luz is just as confused as Kirby is.
Saying "hi" is clearly the most important thing right now.
I have to say, I'm really going to miss this comic. This was one of the first comics I read when I found SJ and, even if it does have some flaws, it still remains my favorite. You can say what you will about the comic, but SOMETHING about it has to have been good for it to attract so many readers. Look at how many people were sad and outraged when Keito died. I think it speaks to your writing ability that you were able to make a comic with a concept such as this so enjoyable. I look forward to your future projects now that they'll be your own original ideas and not based off an existing franchise.

Also, a while back, you commented that someone was editing the TVTropes page for the comic and keeping it updated and you said that that person was awesome. That was me, so thanks for saying I'm awesome! And good luck with Shards of Krino!