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I love anime/manga and am mainly joining to make reading some of my favorite artists' comics on here easier....although in the future I may start a comic of my own...who knows ;3
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The only reason I know the day is because my shows are on certain days and school. Else I would still think it's june
I'm glad things are going better for you but wow what a start to a chapter
The love I have for this comic can not be expressed. Sooo goooood.
Yesss I was so excited for this update I'm reading this despite being in the living room with family 😚
LOL the comments made this page way more precious
I think it's really close to the finish i would prefer finishing before the revamp or the wait might kill me 😱But it's up to you as an author and I'm sure I'll enjoy it either way 🤗
Dude. No. Stop while your behind.
Omg these last two pages so cute and sexy...hell this last chapter is super sexy
July 24th, 2017
Aw this adorable idiot and his cat
Omg this chapter will leave me an emotional reck
@yasha.queen: eh fess up or it will come up and f things up. But yes tough choice though Kaidou should be understanding
Omg that picture at the end
At least it's a tasteful censor it's not just a saber dick like most manga does this way it doesn't offset the mood too much
Omg the author comment is great it's always weird when people add a little too much to their comments just because it's a sex scene. I love this chapter it's so pure and honest
@AutumnWolf20: yes a thousand times yes
Lol he reused the joke Joa made before
July 21st, 2017
Well...shit kitty

But congrats on the move
This chapter is quickly becoming one of my favorites!
Glad to have you back and sorry to hear about your struggle with depression.
Omg bailey is soooo me