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I love anime/manga and am mainly joining to make reading some of my favorite artists' comics on here easier....although in the future I may start a comic of my own...who knows ;3
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When this ends are you planning any spin offs? I love all the characters so much but I would understand if you are done with this project.
Well fuck.......
I would be sad to see you leave but it is always up to the artist. Also the censor issue some people post those pages censored on sj and full nude on tumblr.
Loved this great ending can’t wait for more from you!
Omg us back yay. Oh no Lucifer baby 😰
I am waiting in anticipation for the story so I wouldn’t mind traditional style chapter as it would allow you to produce the story faster.
Omg perfect
March 12th, 2018
Watch him not and you were just fucking with us.....please
March 12th, 2018
@Jackson Corbett: well said my thoughts exactly
Now THAT is a sweater!
I’m also worried about net neutrality I appreciate you addressing it. Also god this page is hooooooot!
Omg hahaaaahaa😂😂🤣
Well fuck....
Somehow I didn’t see this coming. But I love it!
So much going on I love it
I'm glad things are going better for you but wow what a start to a chapter
The love I have for this comic can not be expressed. Sooo goooood.
Yesss I was so excited for this update I'm reading this despite being in the living room with family 😚
LOL the comments made this page way more precious