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I like boy love and yaoi, fantasy and dragons, drama, romance,angst and fluff. And I am a huge nerd. So yeah, I wont be posting comics, just reading and supporting.
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Omg... yuuush. Yyuuuuusssshhhh.... teeeellll hiiiim!
*SQUEE!!!!!!!* I'm soooo happy this is back amd omigawd this is fantasticaly suspencful and.. ooooo!
So kawaii! I'm gonna die.
/fluff explostion/
September 23rd, 2014
I love this comic, its just so cute and fantastic!
I need more of this!
This made me snicker so hard... x3
Love it!
February 15th, 2014
@Crimson Chains: Sexy to the rescue!
I think he need a bigger stick to stir things up with. X3
Now that is adorable..@w@
Love it.
You draw faces very well. I am jelly over it.
And dragons.Very Jelly over dragon and wing drawing skills.
So much angst and drama and plot and fluff and PORN! X3
Love it, keep it up.
/lurker mode reactivate/
@Flik: Riiiiiight...
Yummy.... ugh... I forgot what I was gonna say... umm...
Sexy... @°@
@Myung: it is comming together very well in my oppinion,for all that's worth... XD
But yeah, the character and relationship development since the start of this comic are engaging and they feel quite real in their emotional and rational reactions, even factoring in the fact that people have very different ideas of what counts as rational. °w°
I am ranting again.
Love this! /runs/
Omg kawaii!!!!
OMG dat face! LOL
Okay fangirl moment over but... ugh! I just caught up and I have to say this is AWESOME! Simon and Isaac are just.. and the drama and horror and just the right amount of comedy to lighten the moment when you need it, the art...
Oh god the ART! Ô.Ô
If I don't stop now I never will...
Also,comment virginity!
February 8th, 2014
@coloradogirl86: Yes she does. X3
Nao, on to maor hot men!
/goes through her faves and tries to catch up./ OmO
I love his hair~
Ugh.. finally... I am caught up! Dude! O.O I just happened across this and decided to read it, the story looked cute and the art wasn't horrible... little did I know! Seeing your art grow and develop over the course of this comic has been awesome, and I have to say you are doing a great job! Keep it up, the story is engaging and angsty fluff everywhere. Love it.