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@EmergenceComics: YES! He will be in this chapter! I need to work on drawing his sexy pale butt.
Mael your chosen is to adorable..
Last page update for this week! I can't believe we are staring ch. 2! I hope you guys enjoy!
Poor Jay!!
Three page update!!! make sure to check out vampires 101 with little Lawr!
Vampire 101 mini Comic
Here is a little info on what was said in the other chapters. Explaining what is what with the vampires terms for one another and what is going on.

Also, the little white bubble faces is how Lawrence views each of the vampires!
Enter the Snake!!!
Sorry I didn't have a cover for ch. 1. I will have one drawn up by the time I start making the actually books, if I ever do.
@EmergenceComics: Thank you very much!!! i am glade you like the symbal of Mael's darkness coming for him.
Three page update! and Chapter one end!
Woot i finished my first chapter of bloodlines!!! I hope you guys are enjoying it! This page is important intel!
Remember three page update this week! 13-15
Toxic looks adorable in the last panel!!! such a cute little imp!!! ..... BS!!!! just let him go crazy..
OKay people! page 13-15 now updated!!!! please check them out! THREE PAGE UPDATE!! poor Toxic... this is going to hurt...
@EmergenceComics: LOL I am glade, it takes alot of thinking to make sure i play Danse and Mael Correctly on this. ^..^
Double page update!
POsted 11 and 12 tonight!! hope you like!
SO sorry i haven't updated in two weeks! been at Con's and Ren fair! so here you go! will update one more time hopefully tomorrow! So hopefully three pages up this week!
@PsychoPunkKid : LOL yes he is. I love Danse!
This comic is so awesome!! I can't wait until Wednesday to see what happens!
@Rogue: Yes he is.... I love him for it XP
Scary Danse is Scary
Poor Lawrence, he might of lived with vampires for two years now, but he still doesn't know when to speak, and when to keep secretes from other vampires.
Double page update
Can we say Kyran has a sweet spot for his Psycho? Poor Toxic doesn't do well with touch, or MAEL. Keep reading ot find out why this is so.

Danse, isn't happy... x.x
I love your comic so far!! Please keep up the amazing work!!
@AngelicaAgelviz: Yes, Danse is like that. ^.^. That is the great part about Him being a Sociopaths.
Very beautiful!
Your art is amazing!!! I love your comic so far!