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Wow what a nerd. Graduated community college animation major. Eating tulip bulbs while wearing wooden shoes. Sudden Voltron trash. Into many things Marvel & DC. Back into anime and better than ever. Occasionally writes and draws stuff. David Bowie gives me life.

I'm just an animator who makes comics for fun.

New comics on Sundays!

Please check out my portfolio and maybe my blog, I'd appreciate it.
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    Iris Habraken
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Yep, sorry! The kiss was the ending ??
@haha: Ik zou het op prijs stellen als jij je commentaar aan zou kunnen passen om het woord "kanker" niet te gebruiken als vloekwoord. Als dit om wat voor reden dan ook niet gebeurt verwijder ik je commentaar.
Exposition dump:

Carnaval is basically that time of the year where everyone below the rivers in the Netherlands dresses up in costumes and gets drunk, most of the time parades and obnoxiously loud music are involved too.

My friend and I, in our Scarecrow and Riddler costumes walked into a restaurant to order lunch, and as it turns out nobody in there was taking part in the activities outside.