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Ugh.....I'm filled with these weird complex emotions. On one hand I'm so happy to see this come to an end, cause as we know everything must, but on another hand it's crazy that I'm not going to see that little updates notification after years of following this lovely story. I know it's not perfect, but all I can say is that it's truly been a pleasure reading one rainy day.
I probably would have anger problems too if I had to deal with such colorful people on a daily basis.
No idea why but I wasn't expecting such a simple dream.
I would say she's crossed the line with this newest stunt.....but I honestly wonder if there was ever a line to begin with for her. Like it amazing me how far this bitch is gonna go to prove a point.
So hard working and friendly...
Omg! There's been an update! I've never realized how much I've missed this comic
You call it poetic, but I call it corny. Either way he's being sweeter than sugar.
When in doubt shoot yourself before they shoot you
Now that's how you be romantic
Good to know
That can't be a good sign
Is it just me or is this guy really freakin bitter
Now that looks like one happy lil birdy
This leaves me with so many questions about who and what alpha and are world are
Woah there, Is he gonna tell her the truth?
Is this all real or a very elaborate illusion?
Very cool comic you got here. I can't wait to see more.
An awkward time for any boy...err dog?
September 27th, 2017
Even if I can see were she's coming from, I doubt Simon needs another lecture on things he already knows right now.