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He just can't seem to be nice without throwing out a harsh remark or two.
Haha now that's more in character.
Only at times like this do they seem to get along
Will things go wrong before or after the stone hits the big metal being. Cause I'm just waiting for someone to mess up.
We are really climbing high on those sad/pathetic levels this chapter......
This is pretty accurate close friends/family behavior. At some point what you want stops mattering and you just gotta roll with it.
My, my, he's come far from being just a lil lizard
Gotta love life's peaceful moments. And the smell of food.
.....well that's.....good advice?
I knew our dear boy was troubled, but not this troubled.
This atmosphere worries me
OMG!!!! I missed this story so much! It's good to see it back in action
June 13th, 2017
Do a dog thing and make friends with this new guy, Dai.
It looks so harmless. I wonder if how on earth they can mess this up.
I sure hope a drunk Aki isn't too much to handle
Poor guy just can't seem to get a break
If it doesn't mean you like him already, you should most definitely start.
Damn it really has to hurt to go back there.
We would all like to know the answer to that question too.
He gets bonus points for admitting it