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He's probably been waiting a really long time to say all that
Beware the warth of tiny angry children
Now that was just uncalled for...
As much as I love Eli and Nate, the way that they prioritized each other over anyone else has kinda always left me in a sour place. I do love how special they are to each other, but it's just cruel to think that they both have neglected their lovers at the time to the point that the partners were left probably really bitter and insecure by the time of the breakup.
I don't think I would be wrong to guess that dating a nice guy is gonna help you get over your feeling Eli
It's sad that I can't blame him when he has a wife like that
I feel ya, Chester, that sappy stuff is ever easy to say
Who the fuck kicks a dog giving birth?!
Something about the way the dangerous thugs out for blood say "don't worry" makes me worry.
Wow, sadistic aren't we
We could assume the tone he's using to say that is a lot different from the one he usually uses, which is my Simon looks so uneasy in the last panel.
Omg! Lex is the best wingman and cock blocker
Thugs will be thugs
Someone needs tp get rid of this wolf and soon
Could our edgy boy ACTUALLY be making a friend?! And without deadly and or questionable methods?
And so the true quest begins.
Jeez this has got to be the nicest Neo has been yet
Lots n' lots of pretty magic gv
It's all fine since any of her
potential rivals are already dead as of now.