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So I'm crazy and random all at once. I have very random moments. I adore yaoi and yuri, not just because of oh hey its sexuality but the different forms of passion that exist. I am quite eccentric. I am currently a college Junior majoring in Graphic design and minoring in Art history. Might add to that soon. I am busy at school, socializing, or going to if I take a bit to reply.
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Reply links are weird on some pages in other comics I read too -nodnod- But woaaah medical school, tis intense. I do love my's just...straining...-flails- Nice page though.
Followed this for a long time and then took a break because of college, come back to re-read this in one night instead of doing my homework but it was worth it. I loved seeing the progression of the artwork and when I first read this I was a high school student who was shy as hell. I loved the progression of this comic and the parodies. I never had the guts or opportunity until now to say so. Thank god for my brain wanting to retain its memorable sanity of great work that got me through the years I read it most and now that I remember, this one of the comics I actually kept hanging on my wall the characters' pictures to remind myself that I wanted to be an artist during my college days. AND LOOKEE HERE...I am...while majoring in graphic design and feeling so behind, haha. Keep it going~~

January 17th, 2012
Just...died inside. The music doesn't help which is playing right now. And, I don't even...why D:
omg i havent been on here in forever oh woes me what have i done...FU college life
lol "Well, well~" and same goes for me...guess who~. XD
-cackles- A C C E S S D E N I E D!!!
Aww. XD Scary manager.
I cried...I come back from vacation and see this I'm like...the beautiful art and story line...end..ended? O_O T_T Aww man but your art is so well dooone!
Look who's baaack. Man I need to stay in touch here. XD Been doing college crap and then convention planning. But oh man I love my midget dude. I love Lorn too though. Punk asses should meet. XD
That's his way of asking. So cool.
Lemme convince some friends to accept commissions from you. XD I shall buy. But I need to rack up money. (Went to NYAF and wasted part of the due money for class dues for the senior year. >>;; All for doujins, too. Also is going to MangaNEXT with mother. D':) But I am determined!
-comes back after bombardments of drama, physical accidents, and high school senior year crap (is currently avoiding a one page paper for this)- XD I finally read myself up-to-date with this I saw Lorn and I'm like...MY DRAWING! :'D XD You totally rock. And yaay for hair cuts. My hair is actually as long as Midas's new cut.
I'd pay for comission! -so hyped up still from NY Anime Festival especially of the maid cafe being there and other bishies- =D And awww. Truffles D;
I always loved this moment... T~T
OOOOOoo!!!! -cries with Caesar-
Porque?! -sobs- What about Yurue?!
-sniffs- I want my comfort bear! D;
I'd totally join the contest because this comic is cute.
Caesar..bed so adorable. I love his hair like that. Dangit Caesar wake up like that one day and visit Yurue with the bed head hair! XD
Aww. And haha. Jay is funny.
Poor boooboo. But, for..that type of thing and look at him now. He turned out very different from the burglar. At least he's cute! DX Leave him alone you evil mom! Not his fault! >< Poor Richard...At least you still have others who care and love you in the comic. EVEN FANS! X3