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I love drawing, reading fantasy books, playing roleplay-games, MMOs and some indie-titles too.
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@Koal: Sorry, I had a hard time the last months, including a car accident of my boyfriend and the death of my beloved cat. But I think life got back to normal now and I give my best to go on here.
thank you!
I'm glad you like it! Thanks a lot!
It looks so lovely how poe gets through below the door! Great work ^^
Poe is absolutely cute ^^
you changed your style a bit did you? ^^
Looks like they got new tailtips
the shorts are watching me... creepy óÒ
can't get the pictures out of my head >.< argh
For children it's just a playground, but for a cat it's the biggest litterbox in the world!
This is exactly what a cat thinks whenever you throw a toy.
I'd recommend you liver sausage. Easiest way ever to get a pill into a cat.
who needs a tv...
...much easier to rub your furry self on the carpet!
same here
Is there any place these hairs not get to..?
So right
A cat always looks for a place with the best contrast to its fur. =^^=