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Just a simple lil comic-er based in the uk!
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I completely forgot to let the actual readers on SmackJeeves that Fundee has MOVED! I'm no longer going to be active on smackjeeves so I've moved Fundee over to tumblr, where you can follow the comic there!
There's a whole bunch of strips to catch up on - Sorry for taking alomst a year to notify you guys!!
And we're back! HUZZAH
Welp, fell behind a bit again with updates, whoops! Another page coming tomorrow as an apology!
Sorry about the page delay guys, went away for a few days, forgot to put up a buffer and was too busy with work to scan stuff in - all back to normal now! Updates back on every other day :)
Thank you guys!! I hope the comic meets up to expectation haha
Ego? What ego
Sooo as you might notice, this year I've changed the layout of the pages a bit -- I am a LOT busier this year so I don't have the time to make proper, full-sized A4 pages, but now I have a sketchbook where I plan (really really!!) to do smaller, DAILY comics! This also means I can update more frequently, hooray! I aim to update every other day (So in my timezone, it'll update october 16th! Whee!)

Thank you so much everyone for your readership, old and new!! MAY THIS YEAR BE ANOTHER FANTASTIC ONE ~*~*~*~
Hey everyone!!!
Sorry about the unexpected hiatus - Realising I'd more-or-less finished making comics about my first year, I rearranged one of the comics to show a bit better that the first part is overrrr!
Soon I'll have time to draw again for the comic, though this page might not update again for another month or so (to build up a buffer).
Watch this space! Fundee returns soon :D
Knighty! I literally gasped at the end! I can't believe it's over!! I'm sad it's over but that's such a perfect ending oh my goodness! This story was simply amazing, I'm gonna re-read it so many times!! I can't wait to see the extra guest comics and I super can't wait to see what you make next <3333 Love it love it love it!! CONGRATULATIONSSSS
Rah, sorry for the belated update!! I found the last panel v difficult to pull off, and irl stuff keeps getting in the way of drawing. Updates will probably continue being a lil sporadic ><;;
PHEW, back in business! Sorry about the delay - In case anyone missed it, the new update schedule is Wednesdays & Sundays :)
Just a Head's Up
There won't be an update on Monday, but updates will be back to normal next Friday :)
Be Careful What You Wish For
Hey guys, sorry for the page delay again! This page took longer to draw than I'd anticipated, and when I did get it finished, my scanner started being temperamental. Monday's update will also be delayed, so the next page will be up Tuesday evening instead. Sorry 'bout this!

Thank you everyone who reads this comic, for your interest and patience! <3
EEEEP CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I've never ordered from Amazon so I might try my luck grabbing the ISBN and ordering from Waterstones..? Would that work?? I'm seriously so buzzed for you, this is amazing and you deserve to be published :')
I'll buy every volume as soon as I can haha! I hope one day I'll also be able to buy a physical copy of Penelope's Far-Out-Mantic :9
You learn a lot at uni!
Sorry for the page delay guys! But I'm settled back home now so updates are back to normal :D
The feel of the conversation is spot on, you always manage to get the authenticity of conversation to flow so naturally! Super super amazing :')
Thank you so much! :')