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Niki Lemonade
I like to draw and tell stories.

Hugs to all who desire them. Email me for comments or questions, I don't bite.
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Chapter three! Updates on Mondays and Thursdays as usual!

Also if you like my stuff, you should check out my my page. I'm starting a new project, and for a dollar you get a weekly updated pdf of in-progress content as I start editing and illustrated a novel called "Avarice and Courage."
End of Chapter 2
That's it for chapter 2. Check back on October 9th for the next chapter.
2 page spread today! To see it as I intended, click here You can also just see them as two separate pages by just clicking on through to the next page!
That's all for this week. Dang, she looks so suspicious! So distrustful! Shame!
Nataya got a little angry there, nice. Three pages this week!
That's the end of this update, see you next Monday!
Chapter Two starts with a flashback, set in a library because I love forcing myself to draw books for months. Three page update this week!
What the heck, lady, a random tied up guy is not a good gift! Chapter two will start updating on June 26th, see you then!
SO it begins! Chapter One has been uploaded in its entirety, so enjoy! Chapter two will start on June 26th, updating in twos and threes on Mondays.
Oh no, my heart. Children dealing with loss with EACH OTHER OH NO.
Unfortunately, this is where the story ends for a bit. We still have ideas for these kids, but we need to brainstorm a lot and decide where we're heading. In the meantime I'm working on a new story, which will start updating next year. Follow me at to see the new stuff. When we start this story again, we'll announce it there as well. Are you only interested in Wander? Send me an email at and I'll email you when it starts again. Thanks for wandering with us so far!
This is the 200th Wander page! Woohoo!
Sorry for the lateness!
Thursday's update might be late. I've been working a lot at my day job and on another project that's due tomorrow. We'll see what happens.
Chapter Seven! It'll be updating Mondays and Thurdays again.

Also this is kind of a last call for my Patreon. The only supporter I had dropped out and I don't see much use in keeping it around if no one likes that platform/is willing to donate to it. Check it out if you like, watch a video of me trying to be charming!
All right, time for the hiatus to actually begin. Chapter 7 will begin April 6. See you guys then! This picture was drawn by Chuui.

You can become a Patron to see daily stuff from me.
Niki Lemonade
February 19th, 2015
And that's it for Unrequited Love's Burn. See you guys Monday!
Niki Lemonade
February 9th, 2015
See you guys Monday!
Niki Lemonade
February 9th, 2015
By the way, if you were a Patron donating $5 a month or more you'd be able to download the story in its entirety as a PDF. Or you can pay at least $.99 and get it on gumroad.
Niki Lemonade
February 9th, 2015
And thus begins a short story about love, curses, and an exploding crab! I'll update every weekday for the next two weeks. Just in time for Valentine's Day!