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Kunzite's face when Zoi jumps up XDDD.
... Bad, half-assed drawings??? I'm afraid I'd have to disagree there. I have to say that as the story goes on, your drawing does improve, but these earlier panels are in no way "bad" or "half-assed."

Aww, Nephy is just too cute. Love the dialogue between the lot of them. XD
*snnrks* To Jed's credit, at least he did add "practically" to "canon." Practically, but not completely there. XDDD Indeed, that last panel there is kawaii. XD That little picture of Usagi in the next to last panel is uber-cute, too.
I'm seriously hoping that you haven't discontinued this. Since there were other instances when you've gone on a long hiatus in the past, I'm keeping my hopes up that you'll return with new additions soon.

Allow me to say that this fancomic is absolutely fantastic. I love how you've portrayed the characters, with each of them having a distinct personality. The plotline is excellent and leaves me yearning to read on until I get to the bottom of the mystery.

I'm curious as to the difference between Minako and Saturn now, seeing that Saturn had her caged heart taken while in her Senshi form as opposed to Minako, who had hers taken out while she's in civilian form. Of course, it'll also be interesting to see how the Shitennou would go about to woo their respective ladies.

All in all, many thanks for sharing this wonderful work with us, and I hope to see more from you soon! <3

P.S. Sorry I haven't been leaving comments to previous comics. I actually just started reading this yesterday, and couldn't bring myself to stop. I'll try to leave comments when I go back for a reread. XD