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This is a to be company (someday). I decided to do comic's and help others who can somehow achieve being worse then me sometimes...:I, The Company has it own characthers, but i usually use FC.
I'm Danith.

My comics and one's im in:
Shameless Ads (Its Ads)
HOC (daily dose of cra cra)
Sonic Boom (completed)
Gsmans dump Sprites
Mineblock Neither Frenzy (hiatas)
Author Battles (Mugen game of awesome)
Great 7 fighters (Long hiatas)
Dcall Zone Revamped
Mineblock Frenzy Aeither (InTerntwined Hiatas w/ Mineblock NF)
Ctuck in Gameverse 1 (Hiatas)
I Wanna Be The Comic
Froakie Offical Dump
Shadow of Shady (updated frequently)
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Sick day.
Had an nightmare today but heres today comic regardless.

That dragon ball Z reference so obvious i know, it still fun to do wouldn't you agree.
Also violet doesn't know dragon ball Z so obvious abridged reference maybe.
Time Skip.
This time skip was planned.

When the link is offical someone will put it so you can see the side comic off of this certain arc...until then bleh.

I don't have true connection, this is data so just sending it out without telling sorry.
no promises on perfection here, i asked the others as much as possible for feedback but theirs gonna be alot of
mistakes...this is so big it's 3 parts put into 1 day. like steven bombs.

reference to gokento...he's not on often.

Yeah thats all i'm saying.
Hoppin' in.
It's Hoppin on.

Yeah this kirby is the ultimate passismest known. though curious about that waddle dee.

no, this comic is too mainstream, i must bark out.
it's shadow kirby vs kirby.
no it's Kirby vs umbra-shot-

No,No it's i have no idea cause this common story stracture doesn't tell ya quite yet...

still interesting thing.

and no J-gamer neither of your comics should be last, my old kirby comic should be last
Dramatic the NEXT Comic...

So common yet still good.
@TheJGamer: yeah, you're right it should be "what the meep!"~

Arrogance is bliss.....and action provoking.
Some people can be soooo stubborn on beliefs. this isn't just an exagrasation for the specific comic this is oddly enough what tends to be the case alot of the time.

Also get ready for an few fight scenes from Ni vs Jand.
And heres the conflict of morals at full effect.
maybe dogg and silent would get along. it makes sense that silent was the previous owner of this world, it's already weird, plus this is a side comic.
Your Average Double update cause yesterday was weekend.
Kirdee is very creative with his names. So after like since we met this minor character his name is revealed, this is Ni Nova
Starsky, you can probably guess which star kirdee was looking at coughreferencetonameofkcc'sauthorcough.

Oh yes and in reference to another kirby comic creator, gee i wonder which one it is~

Oh and don't you hate it when you forget to ask the person their name even if mute, its like avatar the last airbender movie
levels of annoying.

Also expect alot of 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th tier characters appearing (though it's gonna be a quite a long bit before we see anymore 1st tiers like at ALL and not til next segment which introduces an villian before we have another 2nd tier) this is a big world and not just populated by main characters like Violet also kirbies are common place. Especially later, I'm having fun with some action and came up with an sub idea that is a bit more
fun at least towards silliness and obvious foreshadowing from earlier...also cause i barely did anything last arc-ish.
He parked it, lodged in a dirt wall because that makes less sound. thats why no one screaming obviously~
I have two swords just to look cool, I'm going kick you because thats more logical then using these two swords which i probably know or don't how to use. -KDE's Dark Metaknight 2017

I'm just gonna assume he's withholding power because he wants to use it on metaknight thats the illogical nonsense most likely he's thinking of. oh and if anything get ready for monologuing, so much heaps of monologuing all the cool villians do it.
@supersonicfan0: insert SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CLOSE to done the comic next here....OMG It annoys me how close i am.
Harry, you're an wizard~
have you ever wonder how stuff just fits into an bag that small?, yeah me too.
oppurtinists particullarly in dreamland like jand are so nice~
though he probably has something more then being an scam...i tend to overthink all my characters from minor to major
so of course he'd have redeeming qualities, different attribute and a whole load of other stuff.

If any wanted i'd defiently make an "short" list of anything about the characters.

actually on another note i was bored so i drew fan art for kirby card clash,
[img] [/img]

I like it's style to be honest and supporting it.
*looks at shady cameo*
*looks at shady now*
*looks at other shady*
*looks at 666 shady*
*looks at quip shady*
*looks intimidatly at older older shady from first attempt*
This shady always reminds me, that shady...

is just so much fun to make.
It went in a blender and spitted back up in like 5 seconds.