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Discord Account: Danith#9766 is a (WIP) company name.

Hello, I'm Daniel, better known as Danith.
I'm an 20 year old Young Adult. I am high functioning autistic. I'm rather meek, friendly, blunt oddball. I can oblivious sometimes. I am Canadian

I been on this site for quite a long time. I utilize MS Paint & Gimp to make good sprite comics. Thanks to Moonlight madness (MLM) for the text boxes and panels I use.

Work on:

Kirby Tales in Dreamland [KTD]:
"One of my best comics"
Updates: Whenever I can.

Kirby Persona [KPQ]:
"Inspired by Kx20, yet differs."
Updates: When happens

House of Craziness -Reborn-:
"It remains as spiritual success"
Updates: When happens

Assist With:

Kirby Card Clash:
I help point out mishaps behind the scenes. I'm also there to help with making fight scenes, whenever it's needed & is asked.

Kirby Madness:
Meet The Crew - I work on the HTML aspect, inserting visuals
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    Daniel [Prefer Danith]
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Scripted and remastered.
I delve into some of Random-Dee's history, expand on Angelia (and Hanna to some extent). As the two head out to find said spastic dee that wields a purple umbrella. Also, I continue to be the cheekiest fella with referential humor in some of the new tidbit characters' color schemes. I'm pretty sure one of these you will catch on to or maybe both, it all about the color scheme.

This comic uses a scripted part (remastered) that I made at the very beginning of the arc. I didn't know when I would put it when I made it, but I knew I would eventually use it as its one of those rare moments of brilliance story-writing ideas captured at the moment into notes to utilize in the primary story in some fashion. And here is the result.

The purple bandanna dee color scheme is a reference to KDE Poucher' and one of lil dees has the color scheme of KDA's Silent Dee.
September 13th, 2019
Everything Stays, Right where you left it. Everything Stays but it still changes, ever so slightly, daily and nightly, in little ways...when everything stays. - Adventure Time

It was a enjoyable comic, I sorta wish I was able to make contribution when the world requests were a thing buts thats eh'. Best of luck on future endeavours.
Hanna & Angelia.
Other Side:

We Flip over to Hanna's perspective with the medic dees. Cure 2 just continues the thematic way Hanna's spells are, very RPG-ish. It's usual affairs over there, with some chaos from none other than Random-Dee, it's been a while since he popped up.

Also, it's Angelia, probably forget about them. They showed up in the proper introduction of Keeby (KTD) "Routine". Routine - 7 to be specific, In which Keeby directly addresses them. Angelia is gonna have some spotlight as seen in Anomaly Deck PAR-Suit - 1's card clash title card. Of course, they may have to wait a fair bit to really get expanded on, as the Q&A is coming soon. theres like 3 more pages then the Q&A.
September 11th, 2019
It was in interesting journey, with a lot of twists and turns. It will be interesting to see the conclusion to just long and hard worked on comic. Aware characters can certainly be hassle to write for, but can be quite fun as well. It was nice read though.

Shade MirrorKai: You can say that again~

I hope best of luck on future endevours :3 I mean there isn't really a schedule or anything, I don't really promise to go daily even... but if your curious at all why today I hadn't anything. Firstly, If I was still sticking to my original schedule, weekends were offtime. Secondly, Been Demotivated & Tired so had difficulty making anything. Thirdly, I'm way ahead. Fourthly if I had something still be waiting a bit, as to ensure I don't mess up (and so they can see it first) and the characterization isn't off I make sure Nova has seen it before uploading it. I dunno, just wanted to put it out there.
When is it not' doo's fault. :3
Neat. Yeah, They did forget to tell the names until now XD (I mean there was reason you didn't have names for them before but still)
@Nova Ozuka: I've always been curious which were your 4 (other comic) canditates for this? (i can't recall if asked you this before)

That would've been difficult to obtain.
Also nice to sees you back.
Don't Forget Cyan/Light Blue. :3
Time to Flip Perspectives.
Other Side:

The end of the fight. I am quite subtle at being unsubtle and subtle at the same time, sometimes too subtle. I wonder if anyone catches on to subtleness and decodes it or if people are generally unaware of what subtleness was hinting sorta bluntly.
Anyhow it's Time To Flip to Hanna's Perspective, I have scripted part made for this perspective beforehand. Though it will be paused after 4 pages, cause the Q&A is fast approaching. We are almost at 600 :0. if you any more questions to ask any at all to many characters of KTD and few who popped in from KCC, new ones to add to list, please do so at: -a/

At least 1 one-use lasted this time to return. 2/7 anomaly cards collected and unintentional comedic foreshadowing to what this one would have on it, i.e Dogg (ME). :3
I thought it would be cool to cap this fight off with an all-out attack showing off each of the phases attacks. It also shows something cool about Friend Circle, due to fact when used nothing seems to be able to stop it in Star Allies and no one gets hurt, it was represented by block feature. Of course, one of the few flaws is always got move somewhat. However, Keebs is used to it.
Friend Circle
Other Side: (To be added once Nova has more reliable internet and updates, there is zero rush. If need take time, can. I mean I know how difficult it is to do daily, so what done so far is already beyond amazing)

Friend Circle tends to barrel for any and all in its path and this definitely represents that. It took a bit of work to get the caption like getting it at all. (Credit to Nintendo) I wonder if you guessed it would be that used (probably did)
The Fight Continues
Double Dragon! Anyhow, I don't have much to say towards it, action speaks for itself.

I was never sane in the first place, so yeah I picked up the theme before this page.

Though there is always a question if someone actually hasn't caught on. XD

I rather jokingly say I didn't, even though I clearly do know the theme.
There is a method to the madness.
It's not normal. It' can be random.
But there is a method. Whenever Looking back at this and past makes me cringe. The road from 'eh sucks" to "decent" to good-ish was long one filled with Alot of bumps and lackluster to no help for long time. Alot of trial and error.
Silent just defies the average. They are not the average, they are silent...which is kinda funny with how much they actually talk. So much dialogue can bearly tell what's going on at times, pfft. XD
They'll probably never learn to stop either.
Knowing them, they'll find a way out of that cage eventually and just do it all over again.

Not everyone learns from there mistakes. :T

The closest thing I can find relating to name for them is ACT. I looked over the pages and still don't know that tac's name.
Murphy has his own unique way of making sure the credit gets on the page. Yes, Super Ability: DragonFire i.e Monster Flame makes an appearance. Talk about epic, that won't be an only awesome thing to happen. I figure once I conclude this fight it will be with something from star allies. I'll leave it up to you to figure what I am referring to. Talk about an epic fight.

Also, Super Abilities were introduced in Kirby Return to Dreamland and Kirby Triple Deluxe was after that. I make sure that if something will surprise Keeby (KCC) It makes sense. They can be amazed, but can't be surprised by stuff that would probably have been seen. Unless Nova says otherwise, I'm just figuring at some point they seen stuff from the games before.