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DeviantArt Account: is a brand name relating to a W.I.P company, the name was kept as tribute to a friend.

Hello, I'm Daniel. though I prefer Danith. I'm an 18 year old Autistic Canadian sprite comic artist [also traditional art] whose been around this site for quite a long time. I'm quite good at least for someone who uses Paint + Photoshop for effects or Gimp & had great help thanks to Moon light madness with the text boxes and panels I use. I'm quite shy, blunt, odd and sometimes naive/oblivious individual though kind and respectful. I work on comics, digital art or traditional art and chat and role-play on discord. Here are some comics I am working on:

Kirby Tales in Dreamland [KTD]:
Updates: Monday-Friday. To the best of my ability.

Kirby Cross Association [KCA]:
Updates: at least 1 comic each month from me is required...unless i don't have internet...than yeah...

House of Craziness -Reborn-:
Updates: When they happen.

Author Battles -Returning?-: It's an actual game using authors sprites and amazing mortal combat-ish thing.
Updates: When they happen.

Kirby Persona [KPQ]:
Updates: When they happen.
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Send Message this unmotivation...ugh...

Well considering metaknight has the 3 dee's Chime, Kimly and Poucher so i'm pretty sure he's a really good leader teaching these 3.
Silent is safe. Now if only he'd stop'd his extreme amounts of talking...we get it...don't need to fill the whole page with words.
Insanity in a nutshell color~
Pfft XD!
That will take a bit getting adjusted too.
Whenever i hear back-scratcher i just here that family guy gag where peter is just stating
The secret is kirby names them. still a secret.
That box-sliding...looks like fun
He's quite the insane fella :3
in the end....


Heh, Of course silent is like their mascot.
Ninja stuff...also maybe (!) anti-ninja is refering to do cause their loud, bombastic and not sneaky...often.
This comic was a April Fools
Kinda obvious
Probably, i mean it's even easier to mistake yoyo for wheel with only color hat differences.
Not gonna lie. That is adorable :3. Poor ozzy foot though.
That is alot of doo's doing doo stuff.
Also Yeah, no worries kexas, he did say for a while not perminent. Also oh no...don't doo it doo i know that evily evil smile when i see it DONT DOO IT DOO!
When has it even been IN CONTROL.

Yeah, it spirals moreso once doo, that doo not this doo the other doo that does doo things appear.
Or mega macho-macho man.
Secretly it was macho the whole time 😨💰
Be prepared...i just keep remembering the lion king song by that title.

Chilly is giving the COLD SHOULDER~
Surprise! You thief :3

Yeah gonna miss the quips (until eventual possible comeback). So where will yin yan go...just into offscreen land or back to wackiness?

🎵Either way once again he is back, back again🎵