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Discord Account: Danith#9766 is a (WIP) company name.

Hello, I'm Daniel, better known as Danith.
I'm an 20 year old Young Adult. I am high functioning autistic. I'm rather meek, friendly, blunt oddball. I can oblivious sometimes. I am Canadian

I been on this site for quite a long time. I utilize MS Paint & Gimp to make good sprite comics. Thanks to Moonlight madness (MLM) for the text boxes and panels I use.

Work on:

Kirby Tales in Dreamland [KTD]:
"One of my best comics"
Updates: Whenever I can.

Kirby Persona [KPQ]:
"Inspired by Kx20, yet differs."
Updates: When happens

House of Craziness -Reborn-:
"It remains as spiritual success"
Updates: When happens

Assist With:

Kirby Card Clash:
I help point out mishaps behind the scenes. I'm also there to help with making fight scenes, whenever it's needed & is asked.

Kirby Madness:
Meet The Crew - I work on the HTML aspect, inserting visuals
  • Real Name
    Daniel [Prefer Danith]
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@Nova Ozuka: Yes. '-'

Clash of Cards 9 & 10.
@Sudux: The reason for that was it was bearly noticable, it looked more like gray pixels. Even though it was an prominent feature.
@Nova Ozuka:

Its kind of unlikely but perhaps they faintly remembering what chapter 7 was planned to be initially, also known as the chapter after this one. Which You asked for Mine & Warpstars help with on that one. I kinda doubt so but I thought I bring that up.

Theres also that "3rd comic" idea you had that brought 5 different universes kirbies into an single universe to protect it and whatever, you said you'd ask those and I recall KDE being one of those.

Other than that don't recall other instances that fit this.
GDI Yelow XD. Yeah, Yelow is easily distractable silly puffball except he doesn't have "serious side" to keep him in check. Just memory issues and a lingering mystrey on how ended up like he is now, what was he and other 3 truly like before that, is there someway to help him recover memories and who did it. At most we know WHY he constantly looks optimistically on the bright side and is quite the goofball.
When you accidently forget to place it in hidden. XD

Anyhow noice.
Aw Man, I did forget about them.
I'm guessing there troublesome though by the looks of it.
I am unclear how much "Nova Ozuka" knows when it comes Kirdee's "dark secret" that has yet to be fully revealed and explained. However, this certainly was a fun tease :3

Let's just say it's bluntly obvious in a certain aspect, but at the same time not so obvious in various other aspects. Guess you'll just have to wait and see when it does get revealed further on in KTD's Story.
We continue from the page before with the rest of the discussion. Uncle Whispy is certainly valued by kirba as could be told by there dialogue. I found Kirby and Keeby meeting uncle whispy as fairly interesting.

Also, a fairly minor yet important detail was having "Kirby" only really nibble as they are still depowered in many aspects and does not have the ability to inhale. After all, Wing doesn't come with inhaling. It's more just a useful asset in general towards traveling in the air and good for air-born combat. Uncle whispy certainly cares for kirba.
Uncle Whispy Reappearance
Other Side:

I decided today, for myself anyways is gonna be a double upload. Don't expect this on both ends, just enjoy another at 8 am.

We haven't really seen this character since "Apples" at the very beginning. It's Uncle Whispy, Sporting in far better and defined custom beard sprite by myself. They are fairly important to kirba. It makes sense why they are an "honorary uncle" as there definitely not biologically similar, much less this universe's Kirby's brother.

Kirba did say they had an "excellent sense of directions" though that doesn't mean they won't take detours...only to, later on, end up in the same destination. Along with just fun meet up and interaction this is yet another instance of set up for the plot. There will probably be quite alot of instances of "set up". Let's just say Murphy Law's is going big when it comes to adverse world-altering and amplifying forces effect of karmic retribution.
Tis Fine. I don't know how much work this is but it's drawn so that takes considerable time and effort.
@Sudux: don't worry I can answer that.

1. Kirdee says Violet's name before Issac says it confirming how he learned of it.

2. If they can tell between each other whose what gender I would presume they could do the same for new puffballs. Besides If they were wrong they would be corrected.
That certainly interesting. It is an very unique aspect of Kirdee that has yet to be explained.

Which Ties into why he ends up in their universe as "King DDD's son" and gives deeper meaning to the 'insult' artifical kirby.

But Yeah, I hinted at it in Conflict Bubbles. Lets just say 'it' typically won't act unless provoked or worried about being discovered and attacked.
Divide and Meet.
Other Side:

MJ & Kirba get to see firsthand the whole Card' dealio. After That Metaknight.Jr being his mysterious self.

I needed to split them up, mostly so I could do more towards this part of this story.
SO It's Time for Kirba's Abrupt Mood Swings to minorly mess With MJ's Planning and him cave into it cause its Kirba.

Also Yeah, Kirba (sorta) informs just how often they crash, which is basically always.
@Sudux: Eheheheheheh!

How observant, For lil' bit of fun try and Keep count on how many times they say "what could go wrong" phrases.

You may be pleasantly surprised from a later comic. :3
I can't help but chuckle at first panel, that isn't really laziness as much as clever use of misspelling for purposes of an joke.

Also Yeah, I was having similar case of being bit slow downed due to number of characters on my side. Hence why in later one I split them for a while.
Well, it is quite the method of travel, I mean we saw at the beginning that it could bring them all the way back home in a short time.
Explaining Murphy. Call upon Wing
Other Side:

I figure it was about time I explored and explained "Murphy" as an in-world entity.
I mean we have seen him for a while now, it was only fair. This can only mean set-up for
things later on.

If you are familar with Card Clash than how card's function should be known.
If not, basically due to being Depowered, Kirby must rely on the card's power.
Just Read Card Clash for further understanding, as it is explained.
Watch what you say.
Other Side:

MJ discusses how they will move forward. However much to his concern and Card Clash Crew Confusion, As you probably noticed there were 5 cases of "What could go wrong" remarks. Which only means bad things if you remember a certain blue bearded puffball.