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This is a to be company (someday). I decided to do comic's and help others who can somehow achieve being worse then me sometimes...:I, The Company has it own characthers, but i usually use FC.
I'm Danith.

My comics and one's im in:
Shameless Ads (Its Ads)
HOC (daily dose of cra cra)
Sonic Boom (completed)
Gsmans dump Sprites
Mineblock Neither Frenzy (hiatas)
Author Battles (Mugen game of awesome)
Great 7 fighters (Long hiatas)
Dcall Zone Revamped
Mineblock Frenzy Aeither (InTerntwined Hiatas w/ Mineblock NF)
Ctuck in Gameverse 1 (Hiatas)
I Wanna Be The Comic
Froakie Offical Dump
Shadow of Shady (updated frequently)
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I'm thinking of asking for a review for this 2nd solo comic...but im do it after i reach 100th comic i've decided.
Multiple Personality.
Ice Serious half found the solution to this fight most likely bound to forget it.
Ice's Happy Half takes lead...I need name for these two halfs soon, i find it odd to say it like this.
It's just etam, no need to fret.
Forgot to do yesterday
First Credit to Rippers from Sprite resource of cutter, fire and plasma slightly for what I used and recolored for some poison attacks, aside from that the helmet, the poison on top and some certain attack sprites are custom made by me like the slip-slide and the poison thing in panel 2 that’s split into two. I also placed the helmet on all the simple walking sprites and created that odd poison on head thing minus the cool effect, the one with constant spewing.
If you want use the poison sprites just ask, also unless you have already credit the Fire, Plasma and cutter rips somewhere. Oh and if you can please credit me if you ask for them, the helmets were quite difficult to make.
At first I thought of not doing this comment for the main cast to see but after a bit of brainstorming I decided to, Kirba tries out the ability to the best of her ability, it’s an extremely weak poison like let’s say in a scale it’d be food poisoning level right now. That and Sam’s umbrella is poison proofed. I also put in the “Poison Pummel” I believed it’s called. As For Sam’s Words specifically in this one was due to recently I found a video which helped push towards progressing Sam and using that this conversation was made.
If problem
Please note me to fix the nickname if a problem Build, said is a nickname inspired by body strength joke.
Kinn describes herself, plain and simple. Also backstory only relevent in character arc about letting go off the past and moving on to clarify.
Kirby gains pants, but they were too big...they were ROBOT-SUIT SIZE *BA DUM CHISH*
Violet was never that creative with names, Also
last comment didn't assume you didn't know. its just that kobby doesn't talk~ :3
This Kirby Pondering leaves some perspective for later.
Kirby after reading his story ponders on the current events, and discovers he can summon warp-stars at will freely instead of relying on the classic.
The two elements re-unite again only to meet the forementioned snowy character...for whatever reason instead of cold stotic or melatone for the ice characters i like to reverse it to the oppisite...i wonder if that'll play later on once we collect it's oppisite.

Oh! and I've been working on bio's still not their but getting there.
And it is a amazing comic that inspires multiple others, keep up the silly work you green chaotic waddle doo you~.
Questions, Answers, Foreshadowing and Partying.
Kicking this party off is Kirba with assistance from Metaknight Jr. Answering WiispNightmare’s Question.
“Can Kirba use copy abilities for clarification and which is her favorite?” in the Kirba-ish detailed way.
As well as MJ Setting motion for 2 arcs coming up in his own bold way, much appreciated MJ. Also if you look in the background are references to past comics, I won’t site them but if you somehow know all them then…wow you figuratively blew my mind. Oh! Also the last panel’s masked character’s logic around this odd sneaky peek was “If they can’t see me then it’s not an APPEARANCE”…Yet you can still see their eyes, cheeks and part of shoes. Poison is Kirba’s Favorite Copy Ability, she finds the look of it as cool. At least one of my many favorites is umbrella…My reasoning is more a reference to another comics crossover and how I found that hilarious.
Just some random specific fun factoids…cause wynaut insert that in this here comment?
During the First panel: Me, the Iconic Shade and Rabbit Shade debate over this response with in inconclusive conclusion, regardless if a one off joke comment or legit question I put that in cause “crazy” is questionable.
2nd isn’t really the fan-pandering as indicated by the serious Koppy comment towards kirba, more so just Kirba being Kirba. Despite her importance in the grand scheme I barely used the (MC) and really only established a little bit so far, that’ll change slightly next arc. That was mostly cause main characters was a legit obstacle to comic for, Irony is basically that’s how this comic started with me immediately noting I needed time to back up from the “Main” character and focus on some “Secondary”, “Trinary”, “Quad-nary” and “Minor” others until I came up with a solution. Also one day I need to rework some pages a bit more so, specifically the Kirba/Kitsy character arc certain scenes just don’t look good to me, once I got gimp/gnu re-installed in my Raspberry PI that is.

3rd has a hidden reference I will mention my still W.I.P aforementioned Kirby Tales in Dreamland T.V. Tropes Page. 4th is something fun to note for any robo-ducks transdimensionally around. Somebody here decided one day to plop a robo-duck into body and came with this.

5th The fate of all dreamland is in the hands of this puffball…is pretending to fire poison. I actually still don’t know the attacks of “Poison” ability yet, I need to check that on a Commentary about robobot.
Oh I thought I’d also reference the legend of korra and specifically that some people dislike it, I didn’t really care to watch it not being mean I just grew bored of the one episode I saw. Finally, Murphy returns to his inquisitive and ludicrous speaking pattern to basically tease MJ bold comment basically is the stepping stone for the conflict to be like “HI”.
…Than again I did accidently bring the villain for next arc and planned reoccurring to the party. Oopsies…wait you don’t know who that is and the other…silly me Why it’s –LOUD NOISES- and –LOUD NOISES-…so don’t go saying I didn’t warn you about them ^-^
I never take the normal way for a party....

then again the norm is technically the doo's parties so its hard to top those either way.
also Kobby got a duck.

Yeah that isn't the usual for them XD
Silent is the sense, your just crazy.

KTD will never surpass this silliness...
only way to get crazier would be BUTTERFL-shot-
End of chapter.
Go see them return to home at:

Also Someone noticed the phone bill thing even without reading this comic's half for context, I gotta congratulate them on that.
This was fun to do ^-^

...No I am not the bird that just happened to be their during the reading.

one part in the next comic about all minors is a maybe.
Their back.
An average day is not this, its normally more chaotic~

They return, and i leave a interesting book with a passage which will appear in the next comic, this is to say thanks, confuse the characters and set up for a party. I even have the first comic of that party ready, but i'll upload THAT tommorow.
I works
Silent always escapes...even if by pure silliness and please enough screaming Silent it's irritating
Establishing things and everything has a purpose
I've noticed the story itself is semi-similar to another aka 20x Kirby. The Difference being how the (30 compared to 20) came to be, the characters themselves, the villains, Kirby personality and that their not clone kirbies who touched enemies and gained powers rather their the entities of kirbies ablities and bits of his personality he kinda locks up. Also the plot, mood and style is different. I've been experimenting with tons of different stylized boxes. Either way on the point of now everything is serving a purpose wheither it be for establishing traits, showing the world, establishing lore or character interaction, also it's setting up for if you aren't aware to finish the crossover from KTD, where the pages made will be reposted then continue from where that left off. I also like to do different point of views here being that of the main characters, meta-knight or evil villain. This is also notably different in that every page has a title instead of one title 20-40 pages like in KTD. The fact boxes make it flow better.

Oh yeah this location is known as: Ice Cream Fields...cause dreamlands location names are like that