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This is a to be company (someday). I decided to do comic's and help others who can somehow achieve being worse then me sometimes...:I, The Company has it own characthers, but i usually use FC.
I'm Danith.

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So IS the secret to kirby knowing all the names is because they are their during the kirbs birth or is there more?

Legit wonder if any of the cast know of the new kirby comics universes like KDE or KTD?

...Multi-comic upload is awesome.
I'm still at 450 mark, trying to get to 600 mark with alot of writer block, but on the plus side you hit 700th, CONGRATS WARPSTAR DONT CRASH
welp, still got it uploaded
Getting tired.
No she's not calling pizza, she's calling for amber...for a bomb ablity magic.

Later on, i'll explain why amber NEEDS makaya particularily had this pretty fun skit when all of them are gathered.
speaking of that, after purple red eye's herself got pink puffball and waddle dee, i'll get to something more interesting.
mostly the after effect of the last arc, and threads for later.
[Sick day yesterday]
I was sick yesterday, so double update today. also a slight difficult time with comic making, it more & more thinking on my part recently and ideas that don't feel right to me and trying to come up with other ideas. anyhow, 2 down (Mask, Crown) 3 to go (Waddle Dee, Pink puffball, Yellow).
Grump activate, Grump intensify, GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP!
Duality Refers to. Makaya to Kirba. Amber to MJ
Well i'm bit slow on updating the story has been showing a unique theme, the duality of mentor to mentoree. Makaya's a naive puffball whose (Mentored by 'Amber Dark") lead by an evil villain not being ill-content herself but just being fooled into doing beyond mischievous tasks. Kirba is a good willed nice and kind naive puffball mentored by a younger more inexperienced MJ. both will in a way be reflected by when the two clash, and also show just how much her doubt is affecting her.

Also on things planned, makaya won't be working for the villain forever, as seen by where her bio is placed and so this will obviously lead to heartbreak. Yeah...that's all i got still working on getting page 32 done before tommorow comes well jumbling other tasks.
Steven and Searus, Dangerous Area.
Introducing two minor character, one from Nova (Searus), one from me (Steven the flare). Also a bit of a explaination as to why the place seems kinda of abandoned noting the place is ironically dangerous, what a good place to set up a base. plus a new goal to tell the gang later. More area's to explore though and more mapping to do.
Honorable MJ
Don't always have to be rude, but when you naive as her, ends up working for the wrong person.
I wonder how all of the guests are handling here this time. probably fine this is THE 8th + party they've been too.
Your the hero of the mirror world, of course your fame is gonna go through the roof. It's easy to get so popular that people will know you even by bare details like a mask or a pink color...its kinda ridiculous.
Urgency...for them.
The first being a silly villain character (amber dark) was a intentional choice as it helps remain with the theme and makes the darker more intenser villains have more impact when they come. also having them in the other arcs will help establish this villain and foolish anti-hero. yet to them this is very intense and scary, there has been peace for so long and mayhem is usually just kirba being kirba, so someone (even if their working for the villain unknowning and that the villian doesn't care for them and don't have ill-content intentions) is gonna be the most dangerous thing they've come across. Anyhow this interaction should help out for the later half of this arc.

and because i'm trying to get back to being at least two weeks ahead in comics behind the scences, I have no idea when/if i get to another past comic being updated...I do still plan to finish my goal hopefully before half of next year but it's difficult. once it is finished and if ultizeta is open and still reviewing i will submit and have a slight hiatas.
Cause he wanted the first bite~

that and last comics statement being debunked.
It'll get attention, of the police patrol, and every scared citizen (except for other ones like poppy sis dealer).

If we learned anything from publicity is bad if only it wasn't a generation behind & sold it for less.
*literally has popcorn and just ate it* '-'
Oh so he's ignoring sugar...welp better throw this away than "throws 6 giant donuts away"

that donuts good enough to feed EVERYCHARACTER in KDA, in KA, in KX20, and KDE...not my cast though.
[My Sick Day]
Those loading screens are annoying, I really dislike them...

Besides that just finished old comic update:
Version Bi
A Overhaul of characterization and actions, This is the biggest strength and flaw of the comic but still just how i am.
Development for comics is taking more time than usual...this doesn't count i just forgot to upload until now.