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DeviantArt Account: is a brand name relating to a W.I.P company, the name was kept as tribute to a friend.

Hello, I'm Daniel. though I prefer Danith. I'm an 18 year old Autistic Canadian sprite comic artist [also traditional art] whose been around this site for quite a long time. I'm quite good at least for someone who uses Paint + Photoshop for effects or Gimp & had great help thanks to Moon light madness with the text boxes and panels I use. I'm quite shy, blunt, odd and sometimes naive/oblivious individual though kind and respectful. I work on comics, digital art or traditional art and chat and role-play on discord. Here are some comics I am working on:

Kirby Tales in Dreamland [KTD]:
Updates: Monday-Friday. To the best of my ability.

Kirby Cross Association [KCA]:
Updates: at least 1 comic each month from me is required...unless i don't have internet...than yeah...

House of Craziness -Reborn-:
Updates: When they happen.

Author Battles -Returning?-: It's an actual game using authors sprites and amazing mortal combat-ish thing.
Updates: When they happen.

Kirby Persona [KPQ]:
Updates: When they happen.
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♊?The Drawn Update?♊
Here's the story continued in a format to skip ton's of lacklusterness.
Drawn all the way this took more than a week to make.
But enjoy' the result...or at least i hope.

Understandable thanks for adding it still.
Btw the next upload for ktd is "drawn" but that's beside the point.
Thanks ^^
Peanut butterjell-FISHD'
Their both silent puffballs.
If violet & the silent puffball name for 20xk than it be ridiculous
He clearly thought he was hidden.
@zignoff: didn't you have to find them. And all hints were vague & cryptic?

But yeah good point.
Do you still do reviews...

I'm certainly not done updating 285 comics. if are could one of ya' review Kirby Tales in Dreamland?
@Sudux: this is the outdated review comic.
He made a new one but that on hiatad...

You can probs find a review of one of the bad ole' days of mine around here '-'
While it is metallic' :3

While it is dark matter. Of course he'd make the tree able to tank a few hits

Mettaton ego.

"One hit"
Pfft X3
Smort duck. Smort puffball ^·^
Well it is a "generic" Kirby adventure...that to be expected.

Clearly DMK about to go on an entire 8 panel exposition on nicknames if they keep up X3

I saw the uta version XD

That is probably what they wanted to say...still classic.
Spinning spinning this tree to dizzy.
Generic Kirby Comic Stuff~
*roll credits*
While guess commenting over for now.
I'd recommend maybe a chapter on one of the characters or interacting or generic need to do something with fort where did "Poyo" the unnamed blue kirby go? What are they doing? What their purpose, are they good? Bad?

What's Kolsov up to? What's Kyle doing?
Will Mail' Kirby ever get a return or name?
Will Kirfo'/Karfy (fanname for author) ever help out? What the others characteristics?
What about the split personality kirby Karrie the logical & Klorby the emotional clearly they need return to expand, will they help? Hinder more? What they up to?
Will you expand on MK?

You have 10 kirbies and only 3 are doing stuff.

Also if really want wiki- just ask me, i'll make it. ^·^

For a "generic kirby comic" it surprisingly complex for just the "beginning" chapter.

Of course i'm curious if dmk is finished or will return as reoccuring.

Panel 4, Shadow kirby literaterly vanished.
Probably devolving characters?'ll figure something out.

The question is...was this purposely set up so they'd use all their stored ablities? Or are they getting them someway else?