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This is a to be company (someday). I decided to do comic's and help others who can somehow achieve being worse then me sometimes...:I, The Company has it own characthers, but i usually use FC.
I'm Danith.

My comics and one's im in:
Shameless Ads (Its Ads)
HOC (daily dose of cra cra)
Sonic Boom (completed)
Gsmans dump Sprites
Mineblock Neither Frenzy (hiatas)
Author Battles (Mugen game of awesome)
Great 7 fighters (Long hiatas)
Dcall Zone Revamped
Mineblock Frenzy Aeither (InTerntwined Hiatas w/ Mineblock NF)
Ctuck in Gameverse 1 (Hiatas)
I Wanna Be The Comic
Froakie Offical Dump
Shadow of Shady (updated frequently)
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He knew they existed, most civilians knew the psi as they were an business also when sub par spies scare you it's hard to forget
Wait...does that mean that aura and "" are part of Kirby's individual elite team... considering that manatari, J, geetrick??, Keeby and Sol are the following members (or keeby also part of kirby team).
Also are we gonna end up with an card battle later with kirby vs umbra??
Next comic... the third dimensional traveller will learn they're in a different dimension.
Percy is a fun lazy character, kind of an diversion from the typical.

Also keeby shows just how grumpy a grump can be.
Karise vs logic.
So it should be noted I'm only online during nightly hours...this month been stressful but september I go back to school, that will be great for me updates.

Purplo gave that back, ya silly Dee bark ≥≤

Karise is taking this well considering.
I hope kirba doesn't mistake kdes kirby for dad, wait she did XD...
Consider this.
He did just wake up, if he was fully awake this would be whole lot different, oh and two comics today, it was one split into two.
Karise and kordy get into the oddities of ktd, both probably be better if they didn't get an rude awakening.

Where is kirba, kitsy, murphy and Kim...well slide over to 9th best kirby comic to find out.
4 strangers, obviously must be dangerous...

I'm not joking

Karise, Kobby and kordy find themselves in my dimension, the crossover just begun...

Can they handle this world, probably.

If anything these police like puffballs got oddness to deal with
Hey which dimension they go to...was it the now finished ka???
See this later.
Well be cutting back to violet next comic...oh DKirby PSQ you need to stop or will have another case of rickmancing romance, and no way can I allow that to happen. Sammy gets left an mystrey, much to mjs annoyance. The proper introduction for mjsbio will happen after villian arc and 2others in Like father like son.
@Nova Ozuka: the dedede clones were what I was thinking of, along with drawcia who I kinda knew but not by a lot. The original concept for this was miniboss paint roller from some comic and Adeleine
Warpstar on a warpstar...the universe just broke again~, next you'll be saying battlestarx aka DOO has an actual battle star
How do I do this daily?, That's what I keep asking myself...

Oh and never played robobot but knew that shadow dees was an thing so reference there, made a few.

Oh and I'm hype for the big event...
So they didn't care bout aura, wow she's an being too why can't she have her own room :-P
I'm just joking, had a difficult time coming up with a comment. Also blu-dee is a he, I don't exactly mind that ya called dee a she, it's more material but I found that funny. I may use that latter as a joke, misconception of blu-dee XD
Both you guys and MJ are thinking the same thing or maybe not...
Who is Sammy.

Also sleep is badass when asleep...also dangerous, bad dream probs translate with this attack alone as frig teammates over.
So it's over, I will deeply miss it, actually my best solo comic Kirby Tales in dreamland was partly inspired by this, it's crossovers, and some of its, 20xk and Kda concepts. I'm glad you finished it though, and this may end up going down in history next to Bob and George. I actually wanted to crossover with it years back but that not gonna happen.

Best of luck in the future.
That truly was one fun kirby adventure.
Panel 6 its regen time...
Brutal sweep. I made custom sleep sprites just cause I can.
KPQ's off to find someone to solve this problem.
Four comics with titles related to fire, keeby is silly