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DeviantArt Account: is a brand name relating to a W.I.P company, the name was kept as tribute to a friend.

Hello, I'm Daniel. though I prefer Danith. I'm an 18 year old Autistic Canadian sprite comic artist [also traditional art] whose been around this site for quite a long time. I'm quite good at least for someone who uses Paint + Photoshop for effects or Gimp & had great help thanks to Moon light madness with the text boxes and panels I use. I'm quite shy, blunt, odd and sometimes naive/oblivious individual though kind and respectful. I work on comics, digital art or traditional art and chat and role-play on discord. Here are some comics I am working on:

Kirby Tales in Dreamland [KTD]:
Updates: Monday-Friday. To the best of my ability.

Kirby Cross Association [KCA]:
Updates: at least 1 comic each month from me is required...unless i don't have internet...than yeah...

House of Craziness -Reborn-:
Updates: When they happen.

Author Battles -Returning?-: It's an actual game using authors sprites and amazing mortal combat-ish thing.
Updates: When they happen.

Kirby Persona [KPQ]:
Updates: When they happen.
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The true unpredictable one is Yelow.

This will be an interesting (past) fight.

He quite literally walked into a "ambush".
Their the Oppisite of Marcy, Ice King
Yelow and Ninji used to be best of pal's, Yelow's first pal after his memory gap. Than one event changed their friendship forever making Ninji hate yellow forever and yes Yelow is the better Ninja. Yelow is one who chose to deal with life with lost memories with optimistic outlook, I mean theirs not much he can do to change it so instead he just goes with life jolly. His tendency to be silly and destructive...I have no idea with that.

I'm weird...this giant expansive world is really weird...Weirdy weird weird.

This next lore bit in the next comic (in panel 1) will come back into play when we return to the silly villain amber.
Also it's gonna take a lot of effort to capture yelow, this silly fella.
The ninja's are toying with silent.
So basically...time to escape if they wanted to.
The true enemy isn't the knight, it's that they can't see~

They'll still find some silly way to succeed... probably.
We get a proper flashback event, telling of when Yelow was first discovered and such. Here's this timeline of ridicuolousness that i have created...Since it i:

1031 Years Ago: Kirby First Offical Adventure (Kirby Adventure)

1029 Years Ago: Kirby's Super Star Adventure (KSS + KSSU)

1023-1021 Years Ago: Adeleine creates the recreation of the Kirby story as a animated series (in universe) Kirby Right back at Ya (Also an alternate universe causes adelenines magic) to retell future generations of kirby's stories, as well as DDD creates his own clips...that were...Interesting.

1020 Years Ago: After Magic Mirror Adventures, 3 kirbies are destroyed from life.

100 Years Ago: Kirby and Mira relationship blooms, the world is never the same after that...via ALOT OF PUFFBALLS. NEW LANDSCAPE, this takes place after all known offical kirby game stories.

??? (Somewhere inbetween this happens? 100-80): ??? ??? ???? ???

80 Years Ago: Yelow is found in Nightly Meadows with lack of memory and no one knows who he is.


The reason why we haven't seen Macey and Random-Dee or Makaya yet...Time and distance.
Also My thoughts on the current game of kirby, which will mean more custom sprite making time:
<img src="" alt="LETHAL_ALLIES" border="0">
I will always question it. I deny the unquestionable! MWAHAHA!
After Events.
I am having difficulty making comics, but eh. Made one today...Hope i get back up to quota soon...but i may be slowed down by my need to keep up my quality. Also yes, Yellow is a part of this clan, I said i'd go into a bit of his past, this is during after his lost of memory.

The "Secret" part of this comic is a direct reference to the chapter in KDA named "A Secret".
Elevator shenanigans~
Curious question...was any of those scentist from alola?
Like Bruno already... its a ralts (my omega ruby main) and misdevaus fushion (one of many favorite looking pokemon)
Really amazing art and nice comic.
Nah...I was expecting boulder to return somehow. This is cool anyhow.
"Someon who knows", you totally setting self up for that joke dees...of course silent knows

But I will throw a cookie at my screen in a vain attempt to give you sweets before your
probably not as dark as it sounds end.
Shade Antics begin anew.
Shade has his own approach to things, His methods may be wary (or as he says dodgy) to outright insane but he's trying...I think?
Though he accounted for one thing, he didn't account for any probably others in this location, doesn't full know every nook and cranny...also introduction to the not introduced laboratory...first time in and a break in. How will connor react to idea.
Knew it. But eh, art is in the eye of the beholder. One may call trash what another calls a treasure.
Also really good poke-art.
they'd never review someone in that get up.
That get the worst of critics known to Dee...

Do knot worry, she is probably fine-ish...

We'll mist that dee though..this fight is

in the dark~

(I am exhausted, aka reason for less comic uploads than normal and getting writer blocks so often)
Kim (Kimberly) would agree. Absolute nesscary. Chapotear.