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DeviantArt Account: is a brand name relating to a W.I.P company, the name was kept as tribute to a friend.

Hello, I'm Daniel. though I prefer Danith. I'm an 18 year old Autistic Canadian sprite comic artist [also traditional art] whose been around this site for quite a long time. I'm quite good at least for someone who uses Paint + Photoshop for effects or Gimp & had great help thanks to Moon light madness with the text boxes and panels I use. I'm quite shy, blunt, odd and sometimes naive/oblivious individual though kind and respectful. I work on comics, digital art or traditional art and chat and role-play on discord. Here are some comics I am working on:

Kirby Tales in Dreamland [KTD]:
Updates: Monday-Friday. To the best of my ability.

Kirby Cross Association [KCA]:
Updates: at least 1 comic each month from me is required...unless i don't have internet...than yeah...

House of Craziness -Reborn-:
Updates: When they happen.

Author Battles -Returning?-: It's an actual game using authors sprites and amazing mortal combat-ish thing.
Updates: When they happen.

Kirby Persona [KPQ]:
Updates: When they happen.
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    Daniel [Prefer Danith]
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Nanananana. :'

I like replying to comments. Especially if it's does not spoil anything
Love seeing comments in general...
You know tis' odd place to put this question.

I have no actual clue if this'll become an actual reality and result because of all the arc's i have preplanned. but if I can... no promises... there will be visual appearence with dialogue of THE kirby by 1000th.

I sorta always wanted KTD's Thousandth to be biggest celebration through trial and tribulation, the declines and returns to fight to returns. A momentous accomplishment.
@RedsterTheGamer: Kirby Tales In Dreamland (KTD or KTiD') Which this entire sorta side comic takes a one off story as "filler" to fun collab arc.
Than turns it into it own comic.
@RedsterTheGamer: Discontinued. Meaning it' basically not being continued whatsoever. It ended while back.
Happy 100 comics.
Especially IN a kirby comic. Parasol are legendary to most in kirbyverse. Even survived against the might of Kexas.
Murphy: Which one? :3
*sees gray bandanna dee*
Hm~ Neat-o.
Manly Kisses are only for allies.
Not enemies Doo, How silly.

Yeah doo might wanna pop off screen unless he want's the glaring duo to attack him XD
@Okaun: if it was ever revived it have to be reboot. :'

Though it was interesting to see comments on this comic appearing on my notifications (which i joined too late and did dumb uploads when was on)
Normal...Whats That?

Can i Touch it? Can I eat it? Are you normal?

When Grumps Collide.
Nothing ever simple with atty. It like whole universe against him doing even most simplest tasks. Can never catch a break XD

See george is pulling the full anime freak out look
I have no idea belno, no idea at all.

Oh the quips back....

Does that mean i can re-send in a cameo like you mentioned :3 bit o irony. :3
This was the 3rd year anniversary.
Going off the same as 2nd, Thanks.
I'll do something for 4th...which will be 2020.
An rather silly idea.
I don't really know how to approach this part of story. As I said there are scripted parts and the rest is mostly like Improv. However this came to my mind. Just someone with no clue of amber (or Makaya) coming across them for hilarious interaction.
I decided to do this with Kitsy. So yeah, there proceeding to the next part of boast about it. I mean it's not best plan... but it'll certainly make folks aware of your existence. I mean they'll eventually find out and storm it an climatic fight and rescue.

But that'll come later.
Never Tell an Entity of Chaos what you dislike, You Silly Dee. That'll compel them to do it moreso just to irritate you. Doo does what doo does.
There a free dee. Who may they be. No idea but they be free to be. :T