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DeviantArt Account: is a brand name relating to a W.I.P company, the name was kept as tribute to a friend.

Hello, I'm Daniel. though I prefer Danith. I'm an 18 year old Autistic Canadian sprite comic artist [also traditional art] whose been around this site for quite a long time. I'm quite good at least for someone who uses Paint + Photoshop for effects or Gimp & had great help thanks to Moon light madness with the text boxes and panels I use. I'm quite shy, blunt, odd and sometimes naive/oblivious individual though kind and respectful. I work on comics, digital art or traditional art and chat and role-play on discord. Here are some comics I am working on:

Kirby Tales in Dreamland [KTD]:
Updates: Monday-Friday. To the best of my ability.

Kirby Cross Association [KCA]:
Updates: at least 1 comic each month from me is required...unless i don't have internet...than yeah...

House of Craziness -Reborn-:
Updates: When they happen.

Author Battles -Returning?-: It's an actual game using authors sprites and amazing mortal combat-ish thing.
Updates: When they happen.

Kirby Persona [KPQ]:
Updates: When they happen.
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    Daniel [Prefer Danith]
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I agree with Cyan

Violet agrees with Purple.
Silent is never and always up to something.
@Sudux: neat. Might add that to dialogue once get to that point in the remakes.

When can...If can.

I'll probably focus on updating if could get laptop to boot up and not freeze and open gimp to make a comic and hope it doesn't freeze before finished if get to that point.
@Sudux: Well I usually use words i'm familar with and know definition/meaning of. So I don't know if I would mean "impertinence" in context. Perhaps so but that depends.
Yeah. You can bearly tell whats going on in the background sometimes with how much dialogue this dee uses. Silent really likes to talk, talk alot.
Oh NO!

A rational sane character here.

He truly is evil.
@Warpstar: Violet would be minorly jealous X3. They have no vocal whatsoever.

That is cool progression however.
But of course. Silent isn't known for "normal" in anythings.
When you lived a life where that's sentence is a legit concern - Tobias
Some use to have semblance of sanity...

But than it got less and less so overtime.
Nice to see :3

...And The Dee Trio are still neat-o.
I dunno why' but I can imagine a' alternative ending as the biggest punchline to the joke being the one named "shady" before aka "Shade mirrorkai" just popping in and slapping them down with an apple

No reason, just for the chaos.

Anyhow nice comic :T
Clearly it's his servere allergy to fun of the painful and stabby kind. He doesn't want bother them with it :3.

Heh, Nah.
Silent Dee can talk there way outta any situation. So much dialogue, i can bearly read it all'. Silent is like Top 10 most Talkative characters material.
@Sudux: I sense a ton of jokes about gravity or am I reading this wrong, no pressure though. This is a weighted comment, I don't think it'll help lighten this situation. I guess i should stop and drop' this, can't quite measure up. This is heavy stuff, i should tip the scales but i really don't have any hard-hitting jokes.

This comment is worth it weight in gold. Or iron'.
I notice the lack of le banner. Is there gonna be a new one?
Shady: I've got your strongest Kirby

Kirby: Choco, DDD is in the basement

Choco: Woo! Violence

Shady: *Surprised pikachu face*
Interesting direction, not unexpected but is really unique. Though let's be honest despite everything happening and happens George will still be there nusicance of a companion in the end.

If george wasn't around...atty wouldn't care. Probably be relieved.

Atty is already so done mentally and Physically.