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This is a to be company (someday). I decided to do comic's and help others who can somehow achieve being worse then me sometimes...:I, The Company has it own characthers, but i usually use FC.
I'm Danith.

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Sonic Boom (completed)
Gsmans dump Sprites
Mineblock Neither Frenzy (hiatas)
Author Battles (Mugen game of awesome)
Great 7 fighters (Long hiatas)
Dcall Zone Revamped
Mineblock Frenzy Aeither (InTerntwined Hiatas w/ Mineblock NF)
Ctuck in Gameverse 1 (Hiatas)
I Wanna Be The Comic
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Shadow of Shady (updated frequently)
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* part 6, warpstar...part 6.

the end segment card from the author?
Dont think about it.

Thinks about it.

plot twist: IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY



I DONT HAVE INTERNET ;-; (in my location i'm at a different one and will also in july for an week) still cool
WATCH THAT BUTTERFL- oh wait nvm...just follow it. no worries here. "" is doing well with Kirby.
Bark, good ole' murphy-murphy + warpstar...MURPHSTAR~

So next up is the devolpment segment after the dream which i'm guessing is actually an memory, that sounds cool...I'm working on my first villian arc atm, and the comic is going through the segment on vi. Balancing act sounds like it's gonna be something though.

(BARK, Even if i'm offline i plan on having ALL the comics made set for just notaboble.)

No need for me to take anymore chime, i'm a get Kimly out for now.
@Warpstar: nothing much, i got one lucky week in july of free internet depending on time when allowed, and then just wait til next time i get internet.
Hey it's Tak, well an Tak.
Remember these guys, yeah heres the leader, still when you're an obvious theif like them no need to hide intentions.

Also we hit my most hated time, the time where i have to fight summer break to try and upload so if theres no comment on the comic that means im just not here...I'm gonna set up everyone even if i end up missing the stuff i wanted to state...all the way up to the end of this segment which is completed btw.

I'm working on the next atm...also one character is a cameo by Assasinperson as an 2nd tier character, you'll know what i mean when you see them.

I only got monday next week then this looooonnnnggg annoyance for me.
Insanity here,
Insanity there,
Insanity in Kirby Dream Adventure
almost everywhere.
Insanity In Kirby Tales in Dreamland
Insanity not in Kirby Adventure.
For it is give it a bark

and i'll probably be there...

Thats if the doos are on break anyway.
Comic: Come on dude you should of saw that coming your going to be the most known threat to the point that the channel ddd does in special on you

All kirbies snore, its just adorable snores...of course the lazy one would note something like that, then again he'd probably also use this as an excuse to relax.

Korly has a lot more potiental then the group thinks, i mean look at this, no threat came because he was there so Kordy got to sleep in peace what an guy.
Diary's...I had one too there not uncommon.
Some people are good at writing...well to be exact Violet isn't exactly one of them, she's smart give her that and stubborn but her flaws all tend to go to her own core self-problem her inablity to speak. Her flaws I try desprately not to give an deux ex machima conclusion to because there are people who have this disablity, we don't know how they feel about it, but I felt it be as insulting as an handycapped character just having the ablity to walk in prospective.

It's why later on an certain device is introduced but not perfected...and why it's good to try multiple ways to try and problem solve. anyway

Squeakable tool hammers, they don't quite have the effect lets say an power essence would one is a plain hammer for hammering nails the other is an weapon of mass power with odd effects. Ice cream and pizza analyzies for why thats the case.

also recaping to self...mostly to avoid forgetting, that would be horrible.
Cool. (it is techinically an big cast, the main characters in total are 8.) I just immeditatly thought of Fi' from legend of zelda's voice for aura maybe its just me just similar themes.

Kirba and kirdee are basically like King dedede and kirby.
i knew that segment pic wasn't left vague. kind of expected but cool.
(grabs list of kirby comics known, barks at it and adds kirby planet) mweh heh heh.

I'm always looking....

^^ jk, good comic.
only uncle whispy is calm...even then thats not saying much. since ya whispy...bleh whispy has weird logic to it.
Kirby the francise has been around a long time, most minions even these minions kind of expect to be pulted by one.

mostly there dad's dad's dad's DAD stories telling them.
noteworthy later on contains something........................interestin. two really these two moments are considerly slightly off so i should mention them.

you'll see what i mean when it comes to that point.
forget yesterday X.
I got bored he's some info, not all the info that'll overload you but some facts of tee devolpment of RVB Reference and this comic too.
A Bit into the devolpment of both this comic and the six new minor tiered minion characters based off the concept of RVB and an reference in itself.
The comic atm is in the tiny sub-idea to "save" Ni to establish a bit of retribution factor to an actions from early and foreshadowed,
along with give violet a bit more action and fighting in relative sense to violet herself, shes not exactly the strongest.
The RVB-like Au'd knights didn't start out as this much less as characters in a kirby comic, they were originally part of an idea i had
during the season 14 to 15 hiatus of this show, i thought of creating an au as it stated but never did, the idea ended up being slightly transfered
into the comic as an meta-gag but at the same time their own characters. Each name was originally alot less noticable to the classics...of course
my memory is bad so i forgot them, i had many silly thoughts just as an silly hero/villian situation campsite with an normal looking lady that scared
both sides into being neutral in the place have an relaxing day and making into an country only to be then have an gen skip with an teen kid...
as you probably can tell i have alot of random ideas. This specific comic was an continuation of this running gag and theme, thanks to an character of KTD1.
Who happens to have the same name as an author avatar character from an alternate kirbyverse within this multiverse... universe.
The idea of having murphy law apply to thoughts was just cause murphy's law is an force, like an later on comic that ended up not exactly what i expected and
a bit of explain in it but basically it shows another character no spoilers who disregards the thoughts as thoughts thanks to an unique power of theres.
unique in that there silly and random, and something to be explained when it pops up. anyway back to the norm minimalistic sentences describing above bark
with the rare occasion if i have the time to create an quip...there's an idea later on where I need to be on top of the quips to get it to work...but thats
worry when it gets to that point.

Owch is right Rosteth Maine, hope ya okay...kind of cracked the roof and most of them are made of kirby blocks an equilvant to maybe 60x cinderblocks.

oh quite complainin' violet it's getting nitpicky...jk the dogg is just rolling its eyes cause of the overuse of murphy bashin' or love.
Both of em'. don't you dislike it when you notice your flaws yet can't seem to change them and even with all the improvement...thats probs an metaphor.

I'm gonna be surprised if you read all that, even that is short in the amount of devolpment into lil details to how its structured, etc.
Like how i make sure the roboducks are always somewhere on screen if they haven't been mashed or disappeared, or got left behind.