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Well, I'm just basically an average (??), ordinary (?!) 61 years young gal from Missouri who loves writing (fanfics), drawing (fanart and comics), reading (regular books, comics and web/fancomics), playing with my beloved Chihuahua, Pedro, being with my family and friends, going horseback riding, archery, watching my fave Toons and TV shows, listening to music, playing on the computer, taking long walks and watching the sunset.

I'm currently retired, which means that I can spend more time pursuing my various hobbies and other interests.

And that INCLUDES working on the comic adaptations of some of my fanfics.

Aaaand that's pretty much me.
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    Whitewolf Stormrunner
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@Neon Void: I like the uncolored ones, myself, as it makes the dialogue easier to read. If it was me, I'd lighten them up some, though. It might make the words/dialogue easier for us, your readers, to be able to read.

Still, I can understand using it in this case for Spike's dialogue, as he obviously ISN'T with Twilight.