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I like.... yeah...
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gahhh my internet is a butt face. I still don't see my darling Eiji-kunnnnnn. *huggles Eiji plushie* Kyaaaaaaa... I SUPPORT KI-CHAN AND RUYA >:3 SO..... I can have Eiji all to myself ;3
WAHHH~ I haven't read for so longgggg. I'm sorry >_< So cute~ Yesh- leave them together and I'll take my eiji-kun... *sneaky sneaky*I still need to scan my stupid art >:0 my scanner... is evil. So very very evil.
;__; *still stunned* Eiji-kun.... WHYYYYY?!

Lalalala new page xD awww they look cute togetherrrrrrr *cough so put them together and me with Eiji-kun cough* I LOVE THAT SNOWMAN :D
Your welcome! *eats all the Toshino fan girls* ^_^; I win~ xD After all i'm dubbed #1 fan girl xDDDDDDDD *runs off to draw fan-art*

Waaaaaaaaah~ Eiji-chan looks so cute when he's smilingggg~!
August 27th, 2007
I agree with Kizzy xD
EIJI-CHANNNNNN *glomps* aw ish okay, don't be sadddd you've got your #1 fan here to cheer you up ^_^

I LOVE THIS PAGE- even if my dearly beloved Eiji-chan is sad he still looks hawt >_O
xD Yes Bailey, join our Cult~
:O BUBBLES~ at first I thought she was bowing O_O guess I was wrong...
Ohhh noes :O
:O OH NOES NOT EIJI-KUN'S GRADe :( meanie....
LOL. My comment didn't go threw last time ;___; It was supporting Eiji-chan though. >w< MY EIJI! OMG I love that teacher he rocks xDDDDDD I love this page it pwns all.
WAHHHNNNN *cries in corner*
awwww no ;_____;
ohhh that must be hard O_O. teehee >w< look it's my Toshino and as smexy as ever I see xDDDD. I really like the dark students x3333
I WOVE YOU~ You put my Toshino in. Cute page.
O_O TOSHINOOOOOOOOOO.... can't pay attention to whats going on on the right side of page left side sucking me in... <<. Cute....
EIJI-SAMMMAAA X______x *shot*
his coat... is funny Owo lol. I like all the people in panel 3. tehehehe