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Awww, baby Nilus is so adorable.
Oh my wow. This is a really powerful scene. Seeing poor Nilus like this is breaking my heart. I hope things turn out alright for her.

Dark Entity Fighting 101
Looks like Claude is teaching Sergio a very basic lesson. If you have to kill it, don't turn away until you know it's dead.
Here's hoping Missveryvery recovers well. I'm sick in bed too so I understand the feeling.
I seriously think that Claude, Lord Aedh, and Baskervilles all deserve a spot in the character profile page. :3
Sergio is in fan-boy overdrive. Look out Simon, you've got competition. Julius is just so frazzled by all of this. And it seems Claude has instantly taken a shine to his new protege. Ladies, you two are awesome beyond measure. :3

Btw, I want that coat so bad. Scratch that, I want that entire outfit in a nice dark red. Seriously, who designs his clothes and can I get their number? Seraph could use a new wardrobe. ^^
Does anyone else see the smirk on Julius's face in the mini-panel? It makes me wonder what he means by "other important areas".
Tapping away at his phone like a boss.
Hold on. Is it me or is Baskervilles syncing up with Sergio's emotions? Because the last panel makes me think that both of them smiling like that is no mere coincidence. And given that Lord Aedh mentioned them being bonded, I think Baskervilles is reflecting Sergio's current emotional state.
Oh dear raptor Jeebus!! The cuteness!! *dies of cuteness overload* :3
No new page? NOES!!!! *dies of cute deficiency*
Open invite, Sergio!! Take it!!

My god, the cuteness is killing me softly. Keep up the amazing work, ladies. :3
Poor Sergio. He seems to have a good grasp in class but PE is just not his cup of tea.
Oh my goodness, Sergio's cuteness is killing me with the feels. :3
Sergio gives me so many feels! And he's got a cute little pair of fangs too! This kid is too adorable for his own good.
where does he put it all?
Ugh, frickin' tourists... love this comic, btw.
Anyone else notice that Virtuoso kinda looks like an ethereal Storm?
So I guess we're just gonna ignore the elephant in the room. That sounds reasonable enough.