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i like soccer playin the bass anmd i like all music except country
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July 7th, 2010
the plot seems good, i can't wait to read more ^_^
This is just a rough draft of sandy, i'll outline and color him in later =)
I'm more worried at how girl's are dressing these days. the younger they are, the more grown up they are trying to be. I also work as a cashier and i love your comic's Mandy ^_^
pretty . . . and nifty =D
February 7th, 2010
it looks kind of bad . . . ha it looked better in person
Staring contest!! lol epic i love the page befor this . .it's epicles =D
Dang you draw food well @_@ I tried drawing a hamburger today and i failed sooo bad DX
Hi I'm MaUrA =P I'm new and this is my first character!

Name: Andy
Sexuality: BI! 8D
Personality: She's a very fun loving person, loves to have fun and party, she does get moody but hey what girl doesn't lol
Tid bit's: She is an ex-prostitute/ drug abuser, she doesn't like to bring it up and probably wont unless you are really close to her

SO ON THAT NOTE: thanks for excepting me!
April 18th, 2009
KYAAAAAAAA!! so cuuute
April 15th, 2009
loove this page X3
April 12th, 2009
XDDD knew it! lol 3rd or second panel is my fav . .. the one where they're holding up the nightie XD
lol did they steal her clothes?? XD
Why thank you lol i think i should make my own but i need to get my photoshop back
Your a good artist faving this for sure
Latest idea
name: Andy
Age: 23
personality: Wild, likes to party
Occupation: the oldest in the world
Tips: Does get a little strung out, She is very intelligent just decides to not use her mind wisely, has a pimp named Ziggy which i shall be posting with due time =)
Likes: people, talking, Ziggy
Dis likes: Shyness, and know it all's

Treat her how you would like to be treated and she will return the favor ^_^
Name: Larue
Age: ???
Race: Vampire
Personality: She's a wild one, she doesn't trust any one or any thing and will kill any one who gets in her "way" any thing else about her you will need to find out on your own
Likes: hospitals, people who are afraid or hate her
dislikes: Couples, happy people
Herz must have . . . a very tiny peniz X3 LOLZ no i kid . . . .
Well this is rather large but i loved these teeth so much that i had to post them X3
I LOVE HOW U DRAW HAIR DX O_O i must steal your talents *gets out her talent sucking machine*